4D3N Yogyakarta Day 1 : Jakarta Terminal 3, Laras, Bakmi GM, Pop Hotels, Tugu Gudeg, Lumpia, Bintang, Malioboro

07.40 am – Many thanks to Vivian’s mom who took us to the airport.

08.22 am – Soon enough, Vivian and I met up with the other 2 fellas and began the baggage drop process at the check in counters.

Both of these bags weighed in at less than 16kg although 20kg was expected.

There were temporary dividers on the left as Penang Airport was undergoing renovation.

Signs to the various areas around the airport.

Found ourselves a quiet waiting spot nearby the toilet.

Bag caretaker busy doing her own things.

09.10 am – Our plane was finally ready and as usual, we walked to our plane.

Hello Travel 3Sixty! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

10.09 am – 1 hour later, movie time!

11.29 am – Took some time to fill in the customs declaration form.

Turned back an hour on the watch as Jakarta’s time was minus 1 hour Malaysia’s.

The journey from Penang to Jakarta took approximately 2.5 hours. Enough for 1 movie.

Saw lots of Garuda planes as we were taxiing to the parking spot.

11.48 pm – The terminal in the distance as we exited the plane.

At the entrance to Arrivals.

Queuing up to get our bags scanned.

One thing funny about Jakarta’s terminal was that we could only enter the counters at the departure area by exiting arrivals.

Rows of check in counters.

This partcular couple at the front was incredibly frustrating. They took almost 15 minutes to sort out their excess baggage problems.

We arrived at the front to only be told that we were at the wrong check in counter. We were at international check in instead of domestic. Oops.

12.47 pm – All good and ready to go!

Another funny thing about Jakarta’s Terminal 3 was that the duty free shops were all outside the departure gates.

Around the airport were several such executive lounges where you paid less than IDR 100,000 to eat and drink as much as you want. One thing good was that they allowed me to go in and have a look at the spread first before committing myself. The quality of the food was found wanting.

And so after much consideration, we decided to have our meal in Laras.

The menu.

5 minutes after we made orders, Vivian’s soto ayam came.

My nasi campur rendang.

01.52 pm – John decided to give Bakmi GM a try.

I kid you not but this serving of noodles taste even better than it looks!

The cost of it.

02.26 pm – Zone 5, the area where our gate was located, can be seen in the distance.

This girl was by herself as this was the only bench with a wall socket next to it.

The result of watching too much movies.

03.29 pm – Finally at 3.29 pm, we began the process of boarding our flight to Yogyakarta.

The flight journey was a fast 1 hour. By train or bus from Jakarta, it would’ve taken an average of of 9 hours!

05.05 pm – Arrived in Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport.

The advertisement filled entrance to the arrival area.

By the very crowded luggage belt.


Musical instruments.

Tourist information counter.

The map of central Yogyakarta.

Putri in Indonesia means daughter while putra means son. On the other hand, in Malaysia putri means princess while putra means prince.

05.26 pm – The elevated bus stand of Transjogja.

Waiting with the other passengers.

The card for a single trip.

John and Kirsty in the bus.

Arriving at the bus stand close to Tugu Monument located in the center of town.

06.11 pm – 2 minutes later, we arrived at Pop! Hotels Tugu Yogyakarta.

The view of the lobby from the entrance.

20 minutes later, we went up to our rooms.

317 it is.

The view of the bedroom from the entrance.

From the window.

The shower stall.

The toilet bowl.

07.13 pm – Met up with the John and Kirsty to start our first night out in Yogyakarta.

Vivian by the streets.

Took us just a while to find Tugu Gudeg.

The array of dishes on display.

The crowd and our seat just behind the stall.

The Indonesian experience.

Vivian and I shared a plate of porridge with a piece of chicken and egg.

07.59 pm – Arrived at Pak Seh, a coffee stall located just next to the railway tracks by Yogyakarta Station.

Lek No.

Customers seated across the street on straw mats watching life go by.

A street singer with an entire loudspeaker slung across her shoulder singing to the line of people in hopes of getting a simple tip for performing.

Our table by Lek No.

The menu.

Nasi kucing which literally means cat rice. Cat, because the amount of rice is not much.

Meatballs and blood cockles.

Fishballs, tofu and prawn fritters.

Curly noodles chicken soup.

By the railway tracks.

Jalan Malioboro, the most popular shopping promenade in Yogyakarta.

Us by the horse carts. We didn’t get on one although we knew that the price cost around IDR 30,000 for a round trip along Jalan Malioboro.

More street stalls along Jalan Malioboro.

Saw lots of people queuing up and thought that whatever food that is being sold ought to be good.

Decided to buy ourselves 1 x Ayam and 1 x Spesial.

Looks bland but tastes good!

Eating by the bench on a roadside.

09.35 pm – Dropped by the Circle K convenient store to get supplies.

A bottle of water.

2 big bottles of Bintang beer.

Enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing by the lobby talking with a couple of Bintang beer.

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