4D3N Yogyakarta Day 4 / 3D2N Bandung Day 1 : Bubur Ayam, Adisucipto Airport, Primajasa, Pop Hotels

07.57 am – Woke up to our last morning in Yogyakarta.

Took a walk down the road and found a street vendor selling chicken congee for breakfast.

Bubur Ayam Khas Jakarta.

White sticky congee in a big pot.

mmMMmmmm… Delicious!

A cup of fresh milk to go with it.

08.40 am – Returned back to the hotel and started packing.

10.26 am – Checked out of the hotel.

The taxi driver loading our luggage into the boot section of the car.

A Pataga pink color taxi.

10.49 am – Roughly 20 minutes later, we arrived in Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport.

The jam approaching the airport.

Look at the crowd!

Entered the departures gate.

Checked in at the counter.

The simple and wide waiting are by the departure gates.

A line of cafe and convenient stores in the area.

Got myself and Vivian two cups of Pop Mie instant noodles.

12.39 pm – By this time we were up on the plane.

02.02 pm – About an hour later, we landed.

As it was a domestic flight, the amount of luggage that came out of the belt was almost non existent. I think there were less than 10 pieces altogether.

Approached the exit.

The row of bus counters that will take you to nearby cities.

Primajasa was the only bus company that goes to Bandung direct from Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

Primajasa’s very frequent schedule.

Bought ourselves a ticket each for IDR 75,000.

A bottle of Amidis drinking water to go with it.

Was feeling hungry.

Bought two Lite Bite buns to temporarily hold my hunger.

02.51 pm – Finally, our transport to Bandung arrived.

The packed bus.

05.42 pm – About 3 hours later, we arrived. It would’ve taken the same amount of time by train from Jakarta city to Bandung but much longer if one had to transfer from the airport to the train station.

Made reservations immediately for the return trip.

The pretty empty counters.

Receipt and ticket.

Took a taxi and

began our journey to Pop! Hotels Bandung Festival CT Link.

06.21 pm – Pop! Hotels Bandung was actually located within the shopping mall at the back.

06.25 pm – The seating area just outside of the entrance, suitable for smokers.

Information printed on the back of the card.

Our colourful and fun looking room key card.

The elevator that skips level 1 to 3.

Finally, we arrived.

The room looked pretty similar to Pop! Yogyakarta.

The location of the shower and toilet seat wasn’t exactly the best.

It wasn’t partitioned but contained. In a stall.

07.09 pm – By this time, we were pretty hungry. walked over to Matahari shopping mall’s huge but very empty food court for dinner.

Walked around and surveyed the food offered before committing ourselves.

After taking our orders, we were given a stand from the respective stalls so that they can deliver the food to us directly. Awesome service!

Chicken oodles.

Lumpia basah.

Fried rice.

Fried koay teow.

Fried tofu.

Checked out the huge Lotte Mart to see if there was anything to buy.

09.09 pm – Began our trip to the famous factory outlets that Bandung is known for.

By the big mirrors in The Secret. All in all, we were pretty disappointed. One could tell that ALL of the branded goods were FAKE. If you were to spend money shopping, look for local brands. All the big name brands like Burberry, Gucci, Calvin Klein, etc are not worth your money. The price is just not worth it.

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