Tuesday Was The Day


08.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate my usual 5 egg whites, oats-wheat-milk, 2 sliced of bread + peanut butter.

09.30 amfacebooked. Dropped by fireangelism. Prepared Western Union money transfer form.

How a Western Union form looks like.

western union form cimb

10.00 am – Wrote the Wii Exergaming article for odyb. Downloaded gossip girl s01e15.

Checked my email and saw this.

recharge mois

12.00 pm – Lunch.

  • Fried chicken, radnip, (I don’t know what the other vege is called) and chai boey again.
  • lunch

  • Stole my bro’s Milo Wafer.
  • milo wafer

12.30 pm – Update famouschris.

02.00 pm – Dropped by kyspeaks, suanie, chanlilian, malaysiakini, shaolintiger, rojaks, narrowband, herbaltree, lobaksoup.

  • In herbaltree’s Pantai Jerejak post, I saw my buddy daryl in the green team picture. Was also looking for Lai Jian Loong’s lobak hair but didn’t even see his face. Itu budak mesti ponteng.
  • daryl

  • In lobaksoup’s Photo Summary post, I saw someone’s ex. (keponyaaaAAaaa..~ saya)
  • cathrane's ex

02.30 pm – Nap.

03.30 pmDowloaded Miley Cyrus’s See You Again.

04.00 pm – Surfed around the web for something to write for losu. Finally found a suitable topic to write about but also found other interesting stuff while searching around.

Found out that Iron Man was opening this weekend. Checked out ratings to see if it was worth watching.

IMDB : 7.8 / 10
Rottentomato : 86% fresh

04.45 pm – Prepared for gym.

  • Brushed my teeth.
  • tooth brush fresh and white

  • Washed my face.
  • loreal white perfect facial wash

05.00 pm – Gym.

06.00 pm – Rest. Showered. CSed for 5 minutes before Shawn arrive.


06.30 pm – Went to Queensbay with Shawn to buy his dad’s buddy a laptop.

  • Reached KFC at about 7.31 pm (my watch is 10 – 15 min faster)
  • kfc 7.30

  • Shawn’s Nasi Ayam KFC
  • nasi ayam kfc

  • Cheesy Wedges + 2 Piece Chicken Dinner Set
  • kfc 2 piece chicken cheesy wedges

  • Where did the coleslaw & mashed potatoes go?
  • mashed potato coleslaw

  • Eh? Now the bun!?
  • kfc bun

  • After 10 more minutes…
  • bones

  • After dinner, I bought ReNu’s contact lens solution for RM38.80 from England Optical.
  • renu solution contact lens

09.30 pm – CS

10.00 pmSoccernet. Replied the posts in Votna’s forum.

11.30 pm – CS

12.00 am – Watched a high quality, free, live streaming of How I Met Your Mother S03E17


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Was The Day”

  1. narrowband : ‘really young’ sounds like bespectacled kiddos and funky long socks girls. Was the entrance + drinks free?

  2. Cute leh.. haha.. radnip it shall be.. till i find the correct name for it.. =P

    yupz. MOIS. And it was a blast!

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