4D3N Bangkok Day 3 : Took Lae Dee, Chatuchak, Channel 7 Stadium, Muay Thai, Terminal 21, Sirocco


A San Francisco trolley.

The shape of a heart.

Bakery toilet signs.

Bakery themed restrooms.

Horse head statue.

Rows of shops.

Shape of an Istanbul man on the pillar.

Being extremely cheeky.

Postal box.

Telephone booth.

Shoplots inside a double decker.

London restroom signs.

London Underground themed restrooms.

Charing cross.

Departed for Tokyo.

By the giant Maneki-neko.

‘Handsome’ contestants.

Kimono in a box.

A torii.

One day I hope to make it to the famous torii of Itsukushima Shrine.

By the sumo wrestlers.

I also hope to make it to a live sumo wrestling match in Japan one day.

By a poster of Paris.

Shoplots made to look and feel like the ones in Paris.

A Parisian restroom.

Statues by the pillars.

A lighthouse.

The signboard of Terminal 21.

06.16 pm – Went to the thai massage shop nearby our hotel for an hour’s worth of foot massage.

The very reasonable prices.

07.37 pm – Back to the hotel.

08.48 pm – Rested, showered and changed for our last night out in Bangkok. 😥

09.21 pm – Had dinner at one of the restaurants nearby Sirocco.

Pork porridge.

Pork rice.

09.56 pm – It’s amazing the level of service you get the moment you arrive at the lobby. You get a personal butler to be beside you all the way to the top of Sirocco. You get served classy finger food such as stewed peanuts and pistachios while waiting for your orders.

The views here is fantastic.

It’s almost impossible to take a nice picture of yourself with the dome as there are just soooOOOOooooo many people around.

I think these two are the best that we’ve got.

11.56 pm – As the night was still young we continued the party to Soi Cowboy!

12.40 am – Switched to Nana Plaza a while later.

Obsessions has got to be the best, most fun bar of all in Nana Plaza.

01.33 am – After we were satisfied with our night out, we proceeded back to Foodland for supper.

The always open 24/7 Took Lae Dee.

White rice.

Delicious fried minced pork with basil leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaves!

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