4D3N Bangkok Day 3 : Took Lae Dee, Chatuchak, Channel 7 Stadium, Muay Thai, Terminal 21, Sirocco

08.30 am – Woke up and found our way to Foodland Supermarket on Soi 16.

08.43 am – Ta da!

The ever reliable, tasty, Foodland-owned chain of restaurants called Took Lae Dee.

The tissue box.

The menu.

Happy hour American breakfast for only 54 baht instead of 65 baht.

Our waiter took our orders and handed us the receipt.

Delicious pad thaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Delicious fried flat noodleeeees!

Prawn monster.

Delicious caramel pudding!

10.25 am – Showered, changed and began Day 3, our last full day in Bangkok. 😥

10.34 am – Took a walk along the pedestrian crossing of Asok Montri street and Sukhumvit road.

10.42 am – Arrived to take the MRT to Kampheng Phet.


11.10 am – About 20 minutes later, we arrived.

Vivian’s first time ever in Chatuchak Weekend Market although this is her second time in Bangkok.

My favourite stall near the Kampheng Phet MRT entrance.

Coconut ice creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!

The best time to come to Chatuchak is around 11am as that is the time when the crowd has yet to arrive.

With a blue dress.

Spotted a coffee stall along the way.

My cup of coffee factory.

With a brown skirt.

With a beige dress.

Infected with the panda virus.

By around 1pm, you could feel the crowd coming in.

01.50 pm – Took a walk at the larger lanes surounding Chatuchak.

Found ourselves a chic looking bar that has a deejay playing lounge music outside.

Ordered ourselves a bottle of ice cold Singha each.

Did about half an hour’s worth of people watching.

02.43 pm – Vivian exploring her accessories.

03.00 pm – Took a taxi to the nearby Channel 7 Staidum, 1 of 3 venues in Bangkok to watch muay thai.

A Channel 7 truck.

Muay thai kickboxing!!!!

Funny thing was, we stood on stools all these while. Rented each for 10 baht.

04.13 pm – Had tea time at one of the stalls outside Channel 7 Stadium.

Dry noodles.

Wet noodles.

04.32 pm – Began our journey back to Terminal 21.

The one floor one concept shopping mall of city streets around the world. They include Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul and San Francisco.

Took the super long elevator that brought us straight from the Mezzanine floor to the 3rd floor.

The other one floor escalators.

Arriving at San Francisco City Streets(Level 4).

Departing for San Francisco Pier (Level 5).

There was an event going on by Arrow called Handsome. I think it was a contest to find the most handsome guy among the participants.

Arriving at San Francisco Pier (Level 5).

The academy award statue.

IT Terminal for all things computer.

The paparazzi wall.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

The food court called Pier 21.

Golden Gate bridge from below.

I sorta pity Reflections as there were practically zero guests eating at their restaurant.

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