The Wednesday I Applied Car Insurance For Vivian’s New Car


10.00 am – Went to Syuen Auto, the place where PED was bought

to collect the car grant and

PUSPAKOM’s certificate.

10.35 am – Went to Menara Penang Garden to

Uni.Asia to

enquire about their insurance policies. 3rd party applications for cars above 10 years are no longer entertained.

11.14 am – Next, went to the 11th floor of Plaza MWE

to Multi Purpose to enquire about their insurance.

12.03 pm – Started preparing for lunch.

Tore off the leaves of Chinese spinach from the stem.

Soaked ’em.

The spices used.

Frying it.

Tossing it.

Lunch part 1, done.

Lunch part 2, four long stalks of celery.

Chop chop.



Parsley, pepper, salt and sugar.

Ayam brand light mayonnaise tuna.

Poured it in.

Mixed it. Kept half in the fridge for dinner.

Lunch, complete.

02.12 pm – Went to Oriental Enterprise to

open a 1st party insurance account with

MSIG, one of the highest rated insurance agents in Malaysia.

Thank you, Mr Saw!


Dessert = brown sugar jelly.


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