The Saturday John Lim Won The Potential Father Of The Year Award


12.00 pm – This fella arrived.

Congrats John! You’ve won the ‘Potential Father Of The Year’ Award!

01.30 pm – Lunched @ Cherry Blossom Thai Restaurant.

Thanks for the treat, Daryl!

03.00 pm – Lepakz @ Starbucks, Gurney.

04.45 pm – The Mummy 3.

Famouschris Rating : 4/10

07.00 pm – Balikz.

07.30 pm – Sleeping ain’t easy when John’s in the room playing his own interview over and over again while laughing his off.

08.30 pm – Ate Mandarin Cafe’s Dalkandar by Farveen.

10.30 pm – MOIS.

Nice hair! Is it real?

Halo. Keep it straight la.

Look at Hans, man. Sweating and lip biting with his hands up in the air. ~fuh

As far as I can recall, I’ve never seen you in red before.

Michelle, it’s only polite if ya took pictures with clothes on.

The usual place. This is the only non-VIP area that we like.

How MOIS usually looks like after 3am.

03.30 am – Suppered.

04.00 am – Had a nice chit chat outside me house.

05.00 am – Showered, slept.


4 thoughts on “The Saturday John Lim Won The Potential Father Of The Year Award”

  1. chris, ur saying ” u never seen me in red before or u never seen joline in red before??”
    nowadays the clothes very expensive that’s why michelle choose to wear ntg while taking pictures LOL oppz!! my bad hahaha just kidding

  2. (vivian) u la of coz.

    you know, you can find free coconut shells along abu siti lane, opposite ribs restaurant. i can sponsor same rafia, but she’ll have to drill holes into the ends of the coconut shells herself.

  3. me?? hahaha got once i wore red in club what kenny ng’s fashion show that time somemore got raids lol

    okok then i will get it for her when i passby there hahaha

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