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The Saturday I Went To Permata Sports Complex

11.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Surfed around.

12.30 pm – Lunched at Lam Fatt

with Jason. Pearl, you’re such a sleepyhead! =)

Ayam + itik.

The No.1 kiam chai boey in the world.

10 minit kemudian, itik extra!

01.30 pm – Went to Permata Sports Complex to check out the courts,

ask about their badminton prices and

phone number.

And then we were stuck in a jam for 1 shit ass hour. However, I’m positive Jason and I enjoyed the journey in the car very much 😈

02.30 pm – Tried to learn ironing from mum.

Funny thing is, in the end, she ironed everything 👿

03.30 pm – Dropped by malaysia today. May 916 be smooth and peaceful.

My hopes are with you, Datuk Seri.

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

05.30 pm – Took a short nap.

07.00 pm – Ate at Nasi Kandar opposite Union Primary. Took a sample of the maggi goreng. hmm.. not bad.

08.00 pm – Went to collect the reserved tickets for Money No Enough 2. Was surprised when I reached. The tickets were already collected. PKMCB!

Had Green Tea Latte, while waiting for the remaining reservation release half an hour before the movie.

09.00 pm – Too bad. Too late. No seats left. Damn. Somemore it was raining so damn heavily outside. Nak pergi bersiar siar kat lain tempat pun susah.

10.00 pm – Was thinking of alternative sheltered places when suddenly *ting* Bagan came into the picture =) Had a swell watching the effeminate man and his live band entertaining the patrons.

02.00 pm – Balikz. Showered. Tidur.

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tshk tshk!! big boy dont know how to iron haih hahahaha LEARN!!! after u’ve watched money not enough 2 u should have know must love ur mother as much as u can and respect her so dont make her help u iron ur clothes but u iron urself lol.

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