The Saturday I Replaced My Spoilt Identification Card



Update 2019-01-22: It has come to my attention that my identity has been stolen. A picture of my IC has been used to scam others into giving away money. I absolutely regret putting a copy of my IC, albeit blurred, online. My purpose is only to help tell a story. If you stumbled upon this page, please know that it is not me that has contacted you. It’s a scammer. This was the conversation that I had with a smart guy who cross checked the identity theif’s claim first. (I’ve drawn lines all over my IC to prevent further damage.)


08.30 am – Went to Lorong Kulit for

Rosli’s nasi ayam.

Chicken rice for breakfast felt odd actually.

Stole some of Vinny’s sup koay teow.

Awesome chili paste.

08.51 am – After we were done, we went jersey hunting again.

09.21 am – Went over to the Federal Building opposite KDU Penang.

Arrived at the third floor to renew our identification cards at JPN (NRD in English).

Working hours.

QMS queue ticket dispenser.

Number 9 in queue. Nice.

The spoilt corner.

[picture of Identity Card removed]

IC penjual wan than mee.

[picture of Identity Card removed]

IC penyanyi terkenal antarabangsa, juga kawan karib Snoop Dogg.

[picture of Identity Card removed]

Half an hour later we were given the receipt and asked to collect our IC one month later.

Only cost RM10.

10.26 am – Had a piece of dragon fruit for brunch.

11.42 am – Took PCJ for a shower.

12.33 pm – Went to Hsiang Yang for lunch.

As we arrived before 1pm, we had the privilege of choosing from the complete variety of dishes.


01.08 pm – Went to Vashnavee to get

Vivian’s eyebrows stringed.

02.17 pm – Went to Kim Soon Auto Repair to

drain out the old engine oil of

PCJ and replace it with

Cristiano Ronaldo’s choice of engine oil.

05.37 pm – Took out yesterday’s glutinous rice balls and

had them for tea break.

07.28 pm – Went to Maa Roy for dinner.

11.04 pm – Went to Parkroyal to

catch Argentina’s game on the big screen in

Cool Bananas fun pub.

Promotional price for a glass of beer = RM 11.50.

My future lawyer and future chief minister of Penang.


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