The Saturday I Lepak-ed At Gurney’s Secret Recipe


10.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

11.00 pm – Surfed around.

02.00 pm – Walked down to Genting for some curry mee.

I’ve been hearing lots of singing at the eating area in Island Glades from as far as my house since a few nights ago. Saw the stage for the first time.

Pisang goreng for Dad, Mum and meself.

03.30 pm – Chit chat makan session in Gurney’s Secret Recipe.

Personally, I like Starbucks’s Green Tea better.

FC Rating : 6/10

However, the Vienna Brownie was awesome! Loved it!

FC Rating : 9/10

04.40 pm – Zohan.

FC Rating : 7/10

07.00 pm – Dinner at Pat’s.

The Roast Chicken was EXCELLENT! I came eating chicken skin.

08.00 pm – Balikz. Surfed around.

10.30 pm – MOIS Penang.


Did you know that she’s a model?

At 1.13am.

Yamateh! (I don’t know why he’s called that. ) Jian Loong and Pei Lun, you should be here.

Winnie and Vinny.

Pearl, it’s either you’re nervous taking pics with me OR you got no bakat in taking pics.

(I think I saw you hands shaking before the shutter was pressed. it could also be because you’re cold)

(Removed by request)

She was so happy to be here. Was jumping up and down for the first few hours. Right, Cath?

Muka. Fail. Dengan teruknya. Lost ‘balance’ at 2, lost ‘composure’ at 2.30. Damn.

03.30 am – Nasi Beratur-ed.

04.30 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzz


11 thoughts on “The Saturday I Lepak-ed At Gurney’s Secret Recipe”

  1. “She was so happy to be here. Was jumping up and down for the first few hours. Right, Cath?”

    You are right. For the 1st few hours only. After dat, half dead d. *hehehe* Shit. I think I need to quit clubbing already.

  2. actually i hav bakat to take pics but when alcohol enters the body, u’ll b more berbakat in something n kurang berbakat in something, right?? heheheheh

  3. chris: hiao-ness huh hahahaha ya hor pearline someone said he’s going to club on merdeka eve manatau every sat he’s the 1st one there!!! hahaha

    cathrane: okok next time tell me when u feel half-dead ler lol. huh? quit clubbing at this age?? dont quit ler haha just dont party too much can d lor but dont say quit hahaha impossible wan ler =P

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