My Days

The Saturday I Ate Teluk Tempoyak Ikan Bakar

12.57 pm – Woke up and went to Norman’s for lunch.

Awesome nasi Melayu.

03.41 pm – Dropped by Noble Villa for

Eunice Lee’s 1 month old event.

06.08 pm – Went to Sunshine Square Bayan Baru for some grocerying.

07.27 pm – Teluk Tempoyak for ikan bakar.

Ordered grilled blood cockles and

fried calamari from

Gerai DRN while

the fresh fishes were from

Adnan bin Hassan.


Sauce A.

Sauce B.

09.40 pm – Dessert at home.

11.36 pm – Zenzibar.

02.29 pm – Drank a small bottle of Hang Virgin before going to bed.

03.30 am – ZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz

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