The Labour Day Thursday

10.00 am – Woke up. Cut nails. Found out Liverpool lost to Chelsea. Was tulan, for a while.

Jose Reina

jose reina disappointed wtf

10.30 am – Breakfast today was a little different.

  • Dutch Lady fresh milk with
  • dutch ladyf resh milk

  • honey!
  • honey

11.00 am – Dropped by Malaysia-today, TheStar, facebook, Penang’s World Music Festival website.

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

12.30 pm – Lunch.

01.00 pm – Hung around my house.

02.00 pm – We went to Rumah Charis old folk’s home in Relau.

rumah charis old folk's home

We gave them 2 dozens of baked beans, a big ass tin of cream crackers, 2 singlets and 2 big ass packets of bihun (what’s bihun in English?).

baked beans cream crackers singlets bihun

02.30 pm – The four of us went to Kayu and waited for Andy before heading to another old folk’s home. As it was a hot ass day, I had coconut.

  • My coconut and
  • my coconut

  • the thick juicy ‘isi’
  • coconut

  • Shawn the prawn
  • shawn chin sze wye

  • Daryl the squirrel
  • daryl

  • Gabriel the nightingale
  • gabriel yeoh chun hoong

03.00 pm – Rumah Orang Tua Jubli Perak.

jubilee perak

We gave the same thing, just less 2 singlets.

bihun baked beans cream crackers

03.30 pm – Jalan jalan at Queensbay.

04.00 pm – Busy looking at badminton rackets.

badminton rackets

04.30 pm – Went to Swensen’s for desert.

  • Next time, I’m gonna try the Spaghetti Oglio Olio & Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom
  • pasta

  • The five of us shared an ‘Earthquake’ (my photography skills semakin mengancam)
  • swensen earthquake

  • 15 minutes later…
  • earthquake swensen

07.00 pm – Watched 27 Dresses in my house.

Imagine 5 GUYS sitting together in the living room watching a chick flick

27 dresses

08.30 pm – Dinner at Mandarin Cafe

  • The super delicious and reasonably priced Claypot Chicken Rice
  • mandarin cafe claypot chicken rice

  • Char Koay Teow for everybody to share
  • char koay teow

  • 15 minutes later….
  • claypot chicken rice mandarin cafe

    empty char koay teow

09.30 pm – Online chit chat.

10.00 pm – Rest. Showered.

10.30 pm – CS.

psychokilla spawn

11.30 pm – Online chit chat with Shawn the prawn.

12.00 am – Dropped by chanlilian. Saw Lilian’s first of may video by bee gees. It actually brought back some karaoke memories of Mr Beh singing Jacky Cheung’s version. I couldn’t resist so I went to search for some of our karaoke favourites.

  • Jacky Cheung – First Of May
  • Manbai – Kau Ilhamku
  • Ungu – Cinta Dalam Hati.
    (The Indonesian song that’s been played a lot by FlyFM)

12.30 am – Found out about DR Mahathir’s new blog, chedet. Dropped by Malaysia-today and read V. David, the man who made ‘May Day’ possible

01.00 am – Did some research on Nike Free, the new line of Nike shoes that I saw earlier in Queensbay.

02.00 am – …zzzZZZZZzzz…..

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