My Days

The Friday I Withdrew From BSN’s Premium Savings Certificate

08.46 am – Had breakfast.

09.07 am – Showered this ganas fella.

09.47 am – Went to the lousy Bank Simpanan Nasional

to draw out my money.

09.55 am – Went across the road to Public Bank to enquire

why my visa card transactions were not shown online. Turns out, you gotta wait 4 days before it’s displayed.

12.20 pm – Lunch.

04.24 pm – Afternoon break.

07.08 pm – Went over to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner.

The super duper delicious seafood platter for two.

09.15 pm – Fringe s02e05.

10.55 pm – Party time!

03.25 pm – Supper time.

Was happy that their awesome cabbage was still available.


04.30 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

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