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The Friday I Went To Annalakshmi Temple Of Fine Arts For Dinner

09.00 am – Showered this fella.

Had banana baguettes,

oats milk and

a bowl of soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

10.00 am – Went to Demeter’s Choice of Jelutong to buy some creamy stuff.

10.30 am – Visited Tesco and bought


01.00 pm – Lunch.

Round 4, counting from Tuesday.

04.00 pm – Discovered Super Mario online and got hooked to it ever since.

super mario

08.00 pm – Visited this secluded place in between YMCA and Penang Hospital for dinner.

Annalakshmi’s Temple Of Fine Arts.

The coolest concept restaurant I have ever been to. You can order as much as you want, as much as your stomach can take and you give as you wish. There is no price tag. Cool, leh?

Took a look at the day’s special and ordered a Pav Bhaji. Some sort of yellow rice.

Took a look at the Snacks section and ordered one of the most exotic sounding dish. Bread Pakora.

Mango lassi.

We were seated at table 12, the blind spot of fans and it’s mosquito-ish.

The next time I come, it’ll either be Saturday or

Wednesday as those are the only days where they have a buffet spread.

The bread pakora. It’s actually very mini. Smaller than what you see in the picture below.

The pav bhaji.

Vinny’s fried rice. It came in a huge serving.

Wasn’t exactly full by the time we finished so we decided on a simple addition. The roti jala.

The motto.

Operating hours.

15 minutes later, it came. This was so damn delicious. Very!

The shoes at the entrance.

10.00 pm – The Mist. Not bad.

the mist

FC Rating : 7/10

01.00 am – zzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzz

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Hi chris. i just browse to seek for Demeters choice at jelutong and finally found your blog but still i dont know where is the bakery shop situated.Can u email me the details..(the address) 🙂 tq..

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