The Friday I Watched Dark Knight


10.00 am – *I was clutching my stomachache, running around the field looking for a public toilet but nowhere to be seen. I kept walking speedily forward till I saw Gurney Plaza. I kept running but as I ran, the grinding sensation in the stomach grew. It kept grinding and grinding until…*

..I woke up. It was all a dream. Haha. But the stomachache was real.

I ran to the toilet and sprayed it all out. It was really watery. It certainly was because of yesterday’s steamboat-barbecue. We ate food that was uncooked near the beginning. I think it lasted for over an hour. We did sense something amiss when the food took a very long time to cook but didn’t seriously do anything about it.

I had breakfast and

drank green tea.

11.00 am – Researched on t-shirts. The thought of making my own t-shirts have been lingering around my mind for some time.

02.00 pm – Lunch.

02.30 pm – CS.

03.30 pm – Napped.

04.30 pm – CS.

05.30 pm – Dropped by Malaysia-Today.

06.00 pm – CS.

07.00 pm – Dinner.

Couldn’t help but snap a picture of Py (I kinda like the way he seats).

08.00 pm – Prepared to leave the house.

08.30 pm – Met up with the rest.

09.00 pm – Dark Knight.

Famouschris rating : 8.5/10

11.30 pm – Balik rumah.

12.00 am – CS.

01.30 am – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


4 thoughts on “The Friday I Watched Dark Knight”

  1. As always, what you’ve ate are tempting. So what’s the show? I mean the dark knight. People around me never complain about the show, so I assume it’s great for you too right?

  2. Steamboat sometimes are really bad, nevertheless I like it so much.. haha~~ i have bad feeling whenever I had steamboat.. keke~~

    I heard a lot of good comment about the movie. I Think wouldn’t too bad.. 🙂

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