My Days

The Friday My Astro Max Was Repaired And Changed V3i Housing

09.20 am – Woke up to a healthy meal.

10.20 am – Showered this naughty fella who doesn’t like washing his paws.

11.07 am – Took the much neglected faulty Astro Max

for a much needed repair as World Cup STARTS TODAY!

Went to Melaka Street where Astro’s authorised service partner is located at.

The most tak logik advertisement. Dumbass suicidal goldfish. More like “Wah! Kebodohan yang tak terhingga…”

11.25 am – Arrived at Cynnyx.

The stickers at the front.

Left it there for the technician to check and call me back.

Went to Burmah Road’s TMpoint.

Was behind 27 people and there were only 4 counters open for registration. Lazy fucks.

5 people = 10 minutes. 27 people = ?? minutes. Was hungry so I took another piece and went off. Who knows, I might make it back in time.

12.13 pm – Picked up a hottie from Bold Inspiration at Abu Siti Lane for

nasi kandar at

Merlin Hotel of

Lebuh Union.

Friendship Motel just opposite it.

Yummy nasi kandar!

01.22 pm – Went back to TMpoint.

7 in line. Much better than 27!

01.48 pm – About half an hour later,

arrived at the mall that is cracking and about to crumble

to change my v3i’s housing at

CHEE CSL handphone repair shop.

The cheapest.

As I was told to wait for 1 hour, I decided to visit Cosmic Family Theme Park

and indulge in Virtua Striker 2 2000. World Cup fever!

02.49 pm – Went to this little corner shoplot and

had a bowl of the most delicious dessert ever in Penang for tea.

03.07 pm – Today, I would like to reveal to you my favourite parking spot whenever I visit Prangin Mall.

I have never been given summons in my entire life before for parking here.

03.41 pm – Finally, it’s done. Good as new.

03.48 pm – Went back to Cynnyx and paid RM 105 for the repairs.

The technician said that Astro Max decoders are made out of shit and 10 out of 10 will become faulty in 1 year. Fuck you, Ananda Krishnan!

04.54 pm – Had the guys come over and repair the sliding door.

The wheel that came off.

Fixing support for the wheel.

Ta da! (Dirty, yes I know).

07.04 pm – Started repairing Wenny Yeap’s faulty laptop.

She actually wanted to remain Vista but after listening to an expert’s explanation :twisted:, she gave Windows 7 the green light. I can provide you computer repairing services if you ever need me. =)

07.42 pm – Went to Jalan Van Praagh for the night market.

Had claypot chicken rice and

lok lok for dinner.



08.13 pm – After filling our stomachs at the corner coffee shop (which we regretted), we started walking through the Perak road pasar malam.

There were lots of delicious looking food, especially these crunchy biscuits.


I almost ordered 20 pieces.

Bought a bowl of glutinous rice ball.

The place was actually super jam packed and my advice is to wear singlets and shorts.

You’d definitely be sweaty by the time you come out of the pasar malam.

Saw at least 3 vans selling my favourite Taiwanese drink.

The many varieties of flavour.

The menu and pricing.

Ordered myself a vanilla flavoured bubble milk tea.

10.00 pm – Watched the World Cup opening match of South Africa vs Mexico.

01.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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