My Days

The Friday I Applied For Public Bank’s Awesome Visa Debit Card

10.00 am – Breakfast.

12.03 pm – Dropped by Public Mutual first to hand in the

online services application form.

01.13 pm – And then to Public Bank.

Pressed for a number and waited.

Received my savings account passbook and

Public Bank’s awesome day2day visa debit card where users are rebated 1% for each dollar that they spend. It’s like getting paid to use the card!

I’m moving over to Public Bank to withdraw my monthly Google Adsense earnings.

01.30 pm – Went to Nasi Padang Minang for lunch.

Their awesome ikan cencaru sambal bawang goreng.

The super ho chiak fried onions!

Side dishes.

02.24 pm – Dropped by Kalpana’s to get

Vivian’s eyebrows stringed.

02.45 pm – Dropped by Cooking Island for

a small bottle of instant dried yeast.

02.55 pm – Went up Gurney Plaza

to buy tickets for Surrogates tonight.

Bought black sugar paper for a home project.

03.21 pm – Had some dessert at this ah pek’s stall in front of Adventist Hospital.

Gotta eat it while he’s still alive.

04.12 pm – Started on Project DIY Mosquito Trap.

First, scoop 2 spoonfuls of sugar into a cup.

Add hot water.

Add some ice to cool it down. Keep it at half cup.

Cut a plastic bottle

into two.

With the brown sugar water already cool,

pour it into the plastic bottle.

Next, add yeast. The mixture will release carbon dioxide, which is what attracts mosquitoes.

Fix in the other part of the bottle upside down.

Tape the holes.

Cut the black sugar paper into fours.

Roll the sugar paper around the bottle. Mosquitoes like dark places.

Put it somewhere where mosquitoes like to be at and wait for 2 weeks. Hopefully, it works.

08.10 pm – Went to my favourite most recently discovered most delicious Thai food restaurant in Penang for dinner.

Ordered 2 dishes from the soup menu.

One from the fried menu.

Another from the vegetable menu.

After ordering the raw vegetables with the super delicious sambal belacan came.

Crispy kangkung.

Delicious belacan fried rice.

Delicious clear tom yam.

Super delicious green curry chicken.

Delicious thap thim krob.

08.58 pm – Bought myself a small box of sambal belacan to bring home. Useful when ‘homecooked food’ fails. 👿

Total damage = RM52.30

09.40 pm – Surrogates @ GSC Gurney. This film was an interesting twist on the robot as human concept, with a plot that managed to keep the viewer interested right up until the dramatic ending.

FC Rating : 8/10

11.38 pm – Popped by Zenzibar with the man and the almost birthday girl.

Were given 2 free plates of super delicious sausages for each beer tower.

03.18 pm – Drank a small bottle of Hang as I felt I’ve ingested too much alcohol.

04.00 pm – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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