The Friday Anthony Ngo And Shawn Chin Won RM500 Worth of Guinness Pints


08.26 am – Had banana toasts,

oats and

soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

08.44 am – “Oh no. Barfe day.”

12.33 pm – Lunch.

Caffeine fix.

05.36 pm – Afternoon break.

08.32 pm – Took Vinny to Mamak Misai Nasi Kandar along Tamil Street.

The varieties

Very delicious but expensive.

11.11 pm – Arrived at QEII for Athur’s Day Celebrations.

Had Hennesey.

At midnight, there was a lucky draw and Anthony won RM250 worth of Guinness draught.

So did Shawn. 👿 Damn. RM500 = 27 pints of Guinness draughts!!!!!

01.40 am – Moved on over to homeground.


03.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz


4 thoughts on “The Friday Anthony Ngo And Shawn Chin Won RM500 Worth of Guinness Pints”

  1. hi FamousChris
    I have been your blog reader for quite long d…
    i jus saw that u went to Langkawi…

    may i know why do u choose Air asia package? is it nicer?
    did u spend more than RM 1k per person?

  2. Hi

    Thanks for reading dude.

    I flew to Langkawi with Fireflyz, not AirAsia. Only Fireflyz flies to Langkawi from Penang.

    I chose to fly because it’s faster and cheaper.
    Faster because by air it’s 20 minutes, by boat it’s about 3 hours.
    Cheaper because I booked a return ticket for RM70. By boat, it’s about RM105 return.

    I also didn’t take any package and planned the entire 3 days 2 nights myself. Hotels, car, boat trip and etc are all by myself.

    Per person, I spent about RM1k, including everything.

    You should plan ahead if you wanna get the best flights and accommodation.

    Hope it helps.

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