My Days

The Drizzling Thrusday

10.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate one eighth (1/8) of a papaya. Trimmed nostrils hair. I cannot stand the sight of ignorant people who have bunches of hair sticking out their nostrils looking like a padi field. Especially older men.

You know you need it. Nostril hair trimmer.

nose hair trimmer

11.30 am – Surfed around. Found out about Intel’s next line of processors. The Intel Atom. Spent some time reading about it.

intel atom

12.30 pm – Lunch.

  • Kiam Chai Boey
  • kiam chai boey

  • Fried chicken, long beans (I could be wrong, it could be short) and bean sprouts.
  • fried chicken bean sprouts

01.30 pm – Checked out to see if there’s any offer for Dell’s 22″ Widescreen monitor. Currently, it’s RM899. Hoping for it to drop to RM600. =P

01.45 pm – Updated famouschris.

Cloudy at 01.45 pm


03.00 pm – Dropped by Shawn’s boss’s (Kenny Song of KenRay) daughter’s blog. Registered famouschris into the AllMalaysiaBlog Project. Found out that people landed in famouschris from searching the terms ’email address of lim guan eng’ in Yahoo Search.

Anyways, Lim Guan Eng can be reached at [email protected]

lim guan eng email address

03.30 pm – Nap.

04.00 pm – Dropped by liewcf. Updated the post for rangit. Identified the top 15 (*secret*) for the post in rangit.

05.00 pm – Gym.

06.30 pm – Dinner.

  • Maggi meat stuff (meat stuff = bak liao)
  • maggi bak liao

  • Couldn’t help it. Ate 5 biji (do you know what’s biji in English?).
  • 5 durian seeds

07.30 pm – Found this’s fulfilling dreamz contest for bloggers only. Replied posts in votna.

08.30 pm – Showered.

09.30 pm – Checked out bleach’s anime & manga list. Wanted to know when the anime would return to the original storyline.

10.00 pm – Scrubs s07e07.

10.20 pm – Scrubs s07e08.

10.40 pm – Scrubs s07e09.

11.00 pm – Scrubs s07e10.

11.30 pm – Dug out some old photos of university. Found out that I had the ‘pyramid’ photo and the ‘snoring’ video with me all along. Sorry, it’s a secret. I’d be slaughtered if I posted it up here.

Li Lian, Chun Wei and I at MMU’s E-Nite ’04.

e nite 2004

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