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The Day Ng Wen Huan Married Lim Ee Ling

06.09 pm – The night before, everyone braved the Friday weekend jam to meet up at his house in

Denai Endau 7, Tanjung Bungah.

Once everyone arrived, we left immediately to Raja Uda.

08.22 pm – 1½ hours later, we arrived. The journey here was so jammed up with cars.

The bride’s side of the dinner was held in a school.

A few minutes later, the bride and bridegroom entered, signaling the start of the 8 course meal.

Only a table was reserved for the bridegroom’s entourage. I’m not so sure why it’s a tradition but the bridegroom and his brothers had to leave after the 5th or 6th meal.

09.26 pm – Stood up on stage and

popped the champagne before leaving.


08.59 am – Arrived at his house early and saw the 1st and 2nd bridal car.

His brothers of the day were almost all here at his house already.


09.15 am – 15 minutes later, the bridegroom and his parents came out to complete the morning ceremony led by the ceremony madam.

5 minutes later, we all left in 7 cars to pick up the bride far, far away in Raja Uda, again.

10.37 am – Unlike the night before, we arrived in 1 hour’s time.

Here’s Kok Joo and with his ‘nose rub’ trademark.

Lining up to go into the house.

Breakfast, bridegroom’s side.

Bridegroom at the table inside the house, accompanied by his best man.

Andy happy to see lots of girls.

“Don’t be surprised if her boobs look bigger than usual”

4 of the biggest sized brothers at the top.

Wearing underpants, the exact procedure everyone had to go through for Ren Gee’s wedding.

Bridegroom having fun drawing their asses.

Kah Kheng and Daniel were so excited.

Example of a drawn ass.

The second adventure was food related and we took the bullet for the bridegroom by swallowing a wasabi filled bun. Lucky me, my ‘feeder’ was pretty. 😈

And then it was John’s turn.

Wasabi kills!

The 3rd and last person to ‘taste’ the 2nd adventure.

Andy and Ryan eating the egg filled guinness stout.

I had these during Ryan’s wedding and it wasn’t really that bad, actually.

The bridegrooms actually prepared more than 3 wasabi filled buns but because of time constraints, they had to leave out the rest.

Kok Joo alone and his plate of lemons. Such a man!

“Hold his nuts while sucking it”

And so Teng Kuang did as he was told.

So did Kevin.

Sze Wye took over.

And then Chun Hoong.

In the end, back to Ren Gee.

For the 4th challenge,

each and everyone of us blew


Anthony had a hard time blowing balloons. (check out the sweat!)

After we were done,

we learned that we just had to act like as if it was out pillow and put our heads to it. That’s all. Simple. Too simple until it doesn’t make sense.

Wen Huan then proceeded to give Ee Ling’s sisters red packets full of money to gain access to his waiting bride in the bedroom.

After satisfying everyone,

he took the flower,

posed for a cool shot and

sang a song.

Immediately, she appeared with her parents.


Followed by a kiss on the left and

another one on the right.

The bridesmaid pinning a flower to the best man’s chest.

With the bridesmaid and best man.

With the bride’s parents.

The ceremony madam explaining the traditional procedure

which was walking around the car to signify that they have returned to the bride’s house.

Praying inside.

Praying outside.

All this while the bridegroom’s brothers waited outside.

12.27 pm – At last, they were done and we all began our long journey back to the bridegroom’s house.

01.36 pm – As expected, we arrived in an hour.

Bite sized cakes and

a bowl of pork belly soup for lunch.

02.30 pm – Left for home and took a long nap to prepare for the coming night segment of a very long day.

03.16 pm – Went home and saw 2 letters.

All the way from Hong Kong.

Kowloon Bay reminds me of street racing and street fights. (Result of watching too much Young and Dangerous)

One packet contained a spare camera battery for my Finepix F200EXR and

the other packet were 3″ camera LCD protective films.

07.56 pm – Arrived in Evergreen Hotel for Wen Huan’s wedding dinner.

The arrival of the bride.

The wedding poster by the entrance.

The thing that bothered me about Evergreen’s ballroom were the 10 pillars placed across the middle.

View of the cake and their name across the board at the back.

Menu of the night.

The menu item I look forward to most!

Table 30, where I was seated.

At the back end of the ballroom.

Was seated next to the hottest mama I know.

Escaped outside for a chit chat as the drinking crowd inside was getting too rowdy.

10.02 pm – Yam Seng at last.

10.29 pm – By this time, almost all Wen Huan’s brothers were pretty wasted.

Especially this guy sitting next to me.

Congrats, to you two!

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