The Day Andy Tai Married Ann Marie


Congratulations Andy! After 9 long years of being together, you finally tied the knot.

The affair took up the entire weekend. The dinner was held in E&O on a Saturday night whereas the ceremony was held the next morning. I know Andy would have preferred it to be done in a more practical sequence but he had to satisfy the whims and fancies of his elders.

06.34 pm – Arrival at E&O’s ballroom and immediately noticed Andy’s unacceptably over-photoshopped studio portraits. Haha.

The wedding shots printed into 3 books.

Hahaha! Ann and Andy met long ago when they were still teenagers in school, both active members of the girl guide and sea scout movement.

This picture just shows how beastly Andy is.

Hung out with several of Andy’s ‘heng tais’ by the seafront.

Justina with Vivian.

By our table.

Vivian with Mun Shen, Wen Huan‘s little daughter.

Andy swung by our table.

The guys.

With the bride.

The next morning, we woke up pretty early at around 7am to prepare for the wedding ceremony that involved us going back to E&O, where Ann was staying in, to fetch her back to Andy’s house for the tea ceremony.

By the enormously big Rolls Royce.

Andy’s boys’ arrival in E&O.

Meeting of the girls who had prepared the usual obstacles that the groomsmen had to pass in order to see the bride.

First, the guys had to endure their faces being drawn on.

The result.

The masterpiece

Second, it really made no sense but we had to endure waxing to both our legs there and then.

One by one, we had the hairiest parts of our legs glued for tearing.

Nicky suddenly turned violent. Haha.

Andy was having the time of his life enjoying the look on our faces.

The result.

Nicky’s consequence was the best!

Everyone was so in pain.

Thirdly, we had to endure the senseless tying of a long brinjal to the front of our waist.

Having fun with it.

Fourthly, we had to endure eating bananas off each other in a very uncomfortable manner.

Thanks to Daryl, Geoffrey and my brinjal slid against each other for a moment there.

So did Andy’s and Wen Huan’s.

Fifthly, we had to endure dipping our hands into a box of ice to look for 5 crystal clear marbles.

By about 1pm, it was all over.

Went back to Andy’s house fist before going home for a much needed nap.


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