My Days

The Christmas Thursday of 2008

03.00 pm – Had chicken rice at

Cintra Street’s Wen Chiang.

04.00 pm – Opened up my christmas prezzies, which I plan to only utilize on Chinese New Year.

Thanks for the undies Karen!

Thanks for the wallet Vinny!

Thanks for the shirt Fanny!

09.00 pm – Thanks again for the cake Karen!

09.30 pm – Went over to Tanjung Bungah’s Medan Selera

to try out their nasi padprik.

It was okay nia.

10.00 pm – Bought the famous Chinese made burger.

The pricelist.

10.30 pm – Went over to Starbucks E-Gate to hang out with buddies.

Did you know that your Jusco card gets you a 10% discount from Starbucks?

12.00 am – zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

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