The 9 Things Of 2009

During the earlier months of 2009, Vivian and I took the initiative to list down 9 things that we would do together as a couple. Below are the 9 results.

  1. Try all the nasi padprik we come across.
  2. Have a mind blasting time in Bali
  3. Plant Sunflowers
  4. Sunrise and Sunset.
  5. Make Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls aka Tang Yuen.
  6. Candle Light Dinner
  7. Taste 9 New Types Of Food.
  8. Start A Business Together
  9. We plan to start selling with 3 completed ice cream flavours in Little Penang at UPR on the last Sundays of every month. However, we are actually stuck. We aren’t really sure where to go to to get a bigger ice cream making machine in Malaysia.

    Can you help?

  10. Be charitable
  11. I don’t think donating clothes count as anyone is capable of doing it without breaking a sweat. I am still looking forward to visiting animal shelters like SPCA Penang and see if there’s something that I can contribute my time to. Maybe help take photos of dogs/cats for adoption or bathing the animals. This was the only thing that we didn’t get to cross off our list. =(

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