6D5N Taipei Day 6 : Ximending, McDonalds, KFC Egg Tarts, Angry Birds Plush, Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle, Aiyu Jelly, Betel Nut Beauty, Taoyuan Airport, Honbaryu Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, AirasiaX, Chicken Lasagna


09.17 am – Woke up and took a loooooooong walk by myself around the hotel’s surrounding. Although I’m still physically here, I’ve already started missing Taipei so much!

Passed by the fresh brunch stall by the hotel.

Checked out the menu. Didn’t seem to find anything that interested me.

~aah~ the nearby Ximending on a Tuesday morning. Empty.

Ximending police station.

A huge billboard of Eason Chan by the entrance of Ximending.

Breakfast at McDonald’s crossed my mind as no fast food was consumed during the entire trip.

The streets being cleaned.

KFC occupying the upper floors.

One of the very few breakfast shops opened.

I had all the intention of the world to give this auntie some business but there were 2 problems. One, I cannot read Mandarin. Two, I cannot speak Mandarin. =(

It just didn’t cross my mind to check out Japanese food in Taiwan. Didn’t feel right I suppose.

Walk walk walk.

A free newspaper stand.

However, it is unlike theSun back in Malaysia as it was choke full of advertisements!

09.32 – And so after about 15 minutes of walking around Ximending, I finally settled on McDonald’s.

The counter.

The dining area.

Hot pancakes, egg mcmuffin, hash brown and a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Actually, I didn’t notice this throw away area until I saw people taking their trays here after eating. I think that’s why we found the dining area of the 7 Eleven near our hotel barricaded from the 4th night onwards. (for not clearing up after ourselves)

Ximen station, the starting point of many of our journeys night and day.

10.14 am – Started packing. So sad!!!

Unused voucher during our trip up Taipei 101. Taiwan beer float didn’t sound that inviting.

Targeted places missed during this trip. Ningxia road night market.

Jinquashi gold mine that was closed when we arrived on Day 2.

Missed shopping for clothes in Wufenpu and Raohe night market.

Missed Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

Missed Beitou Hot Springs + Hell Valley. Mannnn.. 6 days just ain’t enough!

Missed Primo night club. =(

Didn’t get the chance to experience Spark or Twiice too. Actually, we missed so much that when we come back for the 2nd time :twisted:, it’ll still be like a totally new experience!

Souveniers, souveniers. The glutinous rice balls and pineapple tarts were so good!!!!!! Totally heavenly!!

11.59 am – Went to Ximending for the second time after everyone woke up.

12.13 pm – Last minute souvenir shopping.

The complete collection of Angry Birds.

If you notice carefully, Geoffrey and Gabriel, both who are sitting down, are getting conned to buy super expensive pens to support the “so called girls who need the money for studying”. hehehehehehehe

12.16 pm – I just couldn’t help it.

Just had to have a bowl of Ay Chung flour rice noodles before leaving.

It’s just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

Love it!

12.35 pm – At this point, we all splitted up to do our own exploring and last minute shopping.

Passed by an aiyu jelly shop.

Just couldn’t help it.

Zoomed in and out the mini lanes of Ximending, checking the products on display on both sides of the street.

A rather famous Taiwanese beef noodles shop.

Didn’t eat any as I was so damn full from ay chung. So damn.

6D5N Taipei Day 4 : Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, Ten Ren Tea, Red House Theater, Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle, Goose Meat, Mirada, Bittergroud Drink, BABE18


11.53 am – Wandered around the streets of Taipei with my ‘roommate’ (out of 8 of us Anthony and I were the only 2 having rooms of our own while the others were 2 in a room) and found an authentic looking Taiwanese shop.

From the conversation we had, I think they served wan than mee.

Hi roomie!

The wan than mee that I didn’t like. Tasted so bland.

Meatballs and lu rou fan for my roomie.

Stumbled across one of the many bubble milk tea stalls and bought myself a cup.


12.17 pm – Walked around for awhile before returning to our hotel.

01.30 pm – Took a shit, washed up and went down to do a little bit of research by the computer in the lobby.

02.09 pm – The guys had lunch.

So did I.

Broccoli and

some meat soup for lunch.


Super delicious latte from 7 Eleven. No idea what the brand is though. Can’t read Mandarin. =(

02.37 pm – In Ximen MRT.

Waited for the train from the dark green line.

02.44 pm – Clean and bright. Oh how I miss Taipei. =(

The very big CKS Memorial Hall MRT station.

02.54 pm – Ta da! Arrived at the National Concert Hall in Liberty Square.

The National Theater, directly opposite the National Concert Hall, in the distance.

The very big west gate directly facing CKS Memorial Hall.

Cheerleading practice. Makes sense to do it here as there is so much space.

Cheang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Walked through the souvenir stalls.

Had fun by the entrance.

The view from the top.

The bronze statue of CKS gracing the entrance.

The grand ceiling.

The soldier by the entrance.

Little did we know, the exhibition halls were actually underground!

Chinese calligraphy. Did you know the Chinese invented paper and ink? By the way, I Chinese roots but culturally I’m 100% Malaysian. ^.^

6D5N Taipei Day 1 : AirAsiaX, Web Check In, Boarding Pass, Smokey Bbq Chicken, Taiwan Mobile, Youth Travel Card, TS Hotel, Ximending, Ximen MRT Station, EasyCard, Shilin Night Market, Stinky Tofu, Lava Taipei, Jellybird, Bodingtons Pub Ale, Instant Noodles Braised Beef


05.37 am – Andy arrived at my house. Actually, I could HARDLY sleep the whole night. I think I only slept like 3 hours. Woke up at around 4. Too excited!

chris chee andy tai

05.48 am – Shawn in the car.


06.15 am – Arrived in Penang International Airport, met with YK and took a seat in McDonald’s as Anthony’s fat hands appeared out of nowhere.

ying kiat shawn chin

One of his primal instincts kicking in.

06.43 am – By this time, we were already on the plane from Penang to KLIA-LCCT.

Began reading the super cool in flight magazine.

First and last flights to and from Penang are usually full flights.

And off we went into the air!

08.04 am – And then we landed.

08.30 am – Met up with the KL brothers and proceeded to LCCT Food Garden for a heavy breakfast.

Tastes crappy but we had very little choice.

09.01 am – Check in to International departures were quite easy as I’ve checked us all the way from Penang to Taipei and back.

Oh, and another thing, Airasia is VERY STRICT with their 7kg maximum carry on policy. All of us got stopped and had the weight of our bags measured. Although most airlines allow 10kg, none of them can match the amazing low fares of AirAsia. So I guess this is where they try to make back the money. Fair enough, I suppose.

09.39 am – Walked to our Airbus A330.

The guys walking up the steps.

All of us were in a row.

It was a really full flight and the experience was like in the wet market. All the aunties and uncles standing around and talking. Kesian the stewardesses who had to remind them to be seated every now and then.

10.01 am – Started watching Jackass 3D.

And this was my favourite scene of the whole show!

12.07 pm – Lunch time!

Very delicious Smokey bbq chicken!!

01.17 pm – Everyone in dreamland.

02.47 pm – Welcome to Taipei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having our usual toilet break right after arrival.

03.06 pm – The first thing we did after leaving immigration was going straight to buy ourselves a prepaid card each.

Filled up a form, paid TWD 360, showed our passports and driving license and received

our Taiwan mobile prepaid card, preloaded with TWD350. Believe me, with that amount, it can last me up to a month!

03.22 pm – After settling our phone numbers, we proceeded to the tourism counter to apply the Taiwan Youth Card.

How it looks like. With this, we can get up to 50% discount for admissions into many, many popular tourist destinations. Applicable if you are between 15-30 years old.

03.34 pm – The van came and we started loading our bags.

I remember we were so busy trying to get each other’s phone number in the van.

Hello Taipei!

04.25 pm – About an hour later, we arrived in TS Hotel aka Ta Shun Hotel.

Got us registered into our rooms.

04.54 pm – I was assigned single room 505.

I LOVED IT! It was just big enough for 1 person.

Also, it came complete with a television, hot water facilities, a fridge, a humidifier,

and a clothes stand.

The bathroom was modern looking and very clean!

There were 4 different types of water outlets in the shower stall.

I didn’t use any of the 5 breakfast coupons as I ventured into the streets of Ximending EVERY morning in search of the authentic Taiwanese breakfast experience.

05.26 pm – 7-Elevens were everywhere.

So convenient.

Bought myself a very delicious sesame seed bun.

05.49 pm – Began our tour of Taipei from the very nearby Ximen MRT station. Very, very near to our hotel. Very near. So, so, so convenient! Notice the very BIG billboards in the background? That’s the entrance of Ximending.

Inside Ximen MRT.

Went straight to the information counter and bought 8 Easy Cards for each of us. It cost TWD500. Each Easy Card came filled with TWD400 credit as TWD100 is subtracted for the refundable deposit.

Waited for the train to…

06.29 pm – Shilin Night Market.

Candy coated strawberries. Just by looking at it makes me feel diabetic.

Saw many people lining up for this stall. Should be nice I guess.

Some cheese coated thingy.

Super fried chicken.

The smelly tofu stall which I stood in line for 30 fucking minutes.

I NEARLY fainted.

Papaya milk juice stall which also had lots of people lining up for it.

08.15 pm – And so we bid farewell to Shilin and proceeded back to our hotel for the second part of the night.

08.36 pm – Arrived back at the front of Ximen MRT.

I did some calculations and found out that our hotel is approximately 3 minutes away.

09.52 pm – The early birds waiting outside the hotel for the late birds.

Taking the MRT to club! What an experience!

10.54 pm – Finding Lava was easy. Just look for the crowd at the Neo19 building.

And so we stood in line like the rest of the young Taiwanese clubbers, waiting for our turn to pay TWD700 for a truly free flow of ANY drink you point to on the menu. So cool!

11.21 pm – Found ourselves a spot by the side of the bar. It was near the drinks counter and it had a good view of the stage.

Saw lots of promo around the club for the Taiwanese branded Jellybird gelatin shots.

My first few consisted of Vodka limes and

my last few were cans of Bodingtons English pale ale. I think tonight was the night we drank the most compared to other nights. Free flow ma.

The rest of the guys saw ‘it’ but I didn’t cause I was too busy lining up to get my refill. 😥

‘It’ being the sexy dancers on stage taking of their bra, dancing with their hands covering their nipples! So out of this world! and I missed it!

(it simply means I’m DEFINITELY going back to Taipei) 👿

03.47 am – And then we had supper by the convenient 7-Eleven opposite TS Hotel.