Saturdays Were Made For Fun


09.30 am – Woke up. Made myself breakfast.

The usual.

4 hard boiled egg, oats milk

How to instantly get a nice round piece of shelless hard boiled.

10.30 am – Update famouschris. Found out that Cath got involved in an accident. Apparently a car rammed into her car’s ass and she knocked the ass of another car. Lots of ass knocking.

01.30 pm – Lunch at Lam Fattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

lam fatt

The walrus,

cannas lee

the squirrel, the prawn,

daryl koay

the bison and the manatee.

wen huan, anthony ngo

The crazily delicious hainan roasted chicken and

roasted chicken

the No.1 kiam chai boey in Penang.

kiam chai boey

03.00 pm – Hung out for hours in Old Town.

I think this is the nicest I’ve taken of Wen Huan so far.

Wen Huan

How looks like in an iPhone.


Xi Mut Milk Tea and Some White Coffee.

xi mut milk tea, old town white coffee

05.00 pm – Ais Kacang @ New World Park Food Court.

The squirrel.

koay tze yang

The bison.

wen huan

The nightingale and the manatee.

chun hoong, anthony ngo

06.00 pm – Uploaded pics from camera. Checked mails. Drank lotsa water. Rest.

06.30 pm – CS.

07.30 pm – Surfed around.

08.00 pm – Watched Whose Line Is It Anyway s03e20 &s03e21.

09.00 pm – Prepared for clubbing at MOIS.

09.30 pm – Left for upper Penang road.

10.00 pm – Very late dinner at Sup Hameed. (I forgot about taking pics. Shit!)

10.30 pm – MOIS.

Took only a few pictures.

chris chee, chin sze wye, koay tze yang

03.30 am – Jelutong’s late night nasi kandar, opened only from 1 am onwards.

The fried onion chicken. Good stuff.

fried onion chicken

A view from opposite the road at 4.30 am in the morning.

nasi kandar jelutong

The Geoffrey Oriented Monday


09.30 am – Woke up by the sound of drilling. It turned out to be my neighbor getting the house roof repaired.

10.00 am – Breakfast.

11.30 am – Went to Pulau Tikus EON Bank with the bumblebee to withdraw cash from his fixed deposit. Then went to bank it into CIMB (the branch that wouldn’t let me withdraw from Western Union) and Public Bank. Next, we went to convert his Fitness First membership to weekends only. Cheaper la apparently (RM110). Went to Komtar to pay summons.

  • At EON Bank
  • eon bank pulau tikus

  • The Fixed Deposit Resit
  • fixed deposit

  • Saman MPPP. Used to be RM15 before Ah Eng took over. Now it’s RM10. Penang for Lim Guan Eng!
  • lim guan eng mppp

12.30 pm – Thew Chik chicken riceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thew Chik looking old but clean. Lotsa office chicadies ^.^
  • thew chik

  • Chicken for 3 persons (Geoffrey = 2 persons)
  • thew chik

02.00 pm – New World Park for ais kacang. Nolah. It’s actually New World Park for chicadies.

  • With mango
  • ais kacang new world park

  • With nangka
  • ais kacang new world park nangka

  • 14 crunchy hot bahulu for RM3
  • bahulu new world park

03.00 pm – Chicadies’s lunch hour ended at 2 plus so we left the food court. Went over to Old Town for some coffee. Nolah. It’s actually went over to Old Town for some air cond.

  • White Coffee
  • old town white coffee new world park

  • Xi Mut Milk Tea
  • geoffrey ong khang nian

  • ‘Halo, Celcom? When baru I can start modeling for you?’
  • celcom model geoffrey ong

04.00 pm – Hung around my room.

geoffrey ong

05.00 pm – Fetched the bumblebee home. Will be leaving for KL at 730. =~(

06.00 pm – Hiking with Shawn + Daryl.

08.00 pm – Dinner at Nasi Melayu. Sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

09.00 pm – Continue to update famouschris sambil chit chat.

11.00 pm – Showered. CS with Shawn.

12.30 am – Chatted with Chunster (MCB! *Laughing as I’m typing*) Ooi.

Think about it man. Chingster Tay… Boonster Ong.. Karster Ng..

chunster ooi

01.00 am – …zzzZZZZzzz….