The Sunday I Tried Pusat Makanan Dan Minuman Sg Pinang


01.30 pm – Went to Cargas for lunch.

The best fried chicken in Penang. BEST.

02.30 pm – Green tea ice cream v4.

07.30 pm – Checked out the new Pusat Makanan & Minuman Sg Pinang somewhere along Jelutong’s highway.

The place was actually packed and people had to stand around and wait for tables.

I decided to try out the curry fish head and

Thai food stall.

Curly noodles tomyam.

Curry fish head with lots of scales. 😡

08.30 pm – Helped a relative

assemble his new


09.00 pm – Took a trip to Adventist Hospital’s

4th floor to visit

Mom who tore her knee ligaments. Was asleep when we arrived.

Stood around for a while and left a note before going off.

10.30 pm – Green tea ice cream as dessert.

12.00 am – zZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

The Halloween Friday Where We Had Fun With An Ah Kua


09.30 am – Introduced Dad to Island Glades’s hidden curry mee.

He too, felt that the small serving was actually huge in portion.


10.00 am – Went for a haircut. Before.

After. Just neater.

12.00 pm – Took a nap.

02.00 pm – Mum prepared some stuff. Was craving for Mak Long like mad. Sigh.

A big pau and lo mai kai.

Sliced the papaya I bought yesterday while reheating Mum’s stuff.

So lunch for me today consisted of a cinnamon roll,

an eighth of a papaya,

a big pau and

a lo mai kai.

07.30 pm – Went over to John’s suggested place in Gurney Plaza to buy

a guitar tuner for RM59.

08.00 pm – Went over to Little India’s Sri Ananda Bahwan

for banana leaf. What I like most is that they give you the curry stuff without you having to ask them. Moreover, a set like this cost only RM4. And you can refill the vegetables as many times as you want. (I can guarantee you that your stomach won’t allow you to refill more than 3 times)

Had an extra plate of mutton.

The price list.

11.30 pm – Happy Halloween! Went over to SOHO

to meet up with these guys. Hung around for an hour before moving over to..

12.00 am – ..QE2. Boy did we have fun.

Stinky vamp : ROAR!
Poor Gabriel : Shit, girl. Ever heard of toothpaste?

A celebrity friend of mine. How I wish I could reveal her identity but, you know la celebrities.

Errr…. a tattoo doesn’t count as a costume, Linda.

Things you do when someone is drunk.

Made a new friend. Out of nowhere.

And also. Suddenly. Out of nowhere.


Came Martha the Ogre

who ogre-raped us all to hell.

03.00 am – Went over to Weld Quay’s Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood with this fella,

this fella,

this fella and

this fella.

Tom yam fried curly mee.

04.30 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz