My Days

Saturday, 10th October 2009

12.12 pm – Saw a grasshopper in my garden on the way out for lunch.

Went to Ti Shen Soya Bean’s.

Had a cup of soybean.

Curry mee for lunch.

02.00 pm – Fringe s02e04.

02.45 pm – Lie To Me s02e02.

07.00 pm – Gossip Girl s03e04

09.30 pm – Night at The Museum 2 @ home. Overall, this was a good movie for all ages and it suits most genre preferences.

FC Rating : 7/10

07.58 pm – Went to Jalan Van Praagh’s Ching Wah.

Had tuna pizza,

cheese chicken,

watercress soup,

potato leaves and

salted egg yolk mantis prawns.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Tuesday I Was Given Two Packets Of Soya Bean As Tokens Of Appreciation

11.52 am – Woke up to a plate of Genting chicken rice

and stir fried cabbage.

Finally revealed to Sam and Jimmy of Ti Shen Soya Bean that I am the author of, after weeks of asking me to meet up with them. =P

(Hint : Try googling “ti shen soya bean”)

Out of nowhere I was given 2 big ass packets of soy bean milk as token of appreciation.

There, Michelle Ka Yee Li, I’ve met up with Jimmy and Sam. =)

12.42 pm – Thanks Vinny, for repairing my coat buttons!

04.40 pm – Had Summer Cafe’s


filled with lotsa nuts,

a cup of soya bean,

otak otak,

black chicken soup and

apples for afternoon break.

06.00 pm – Big Fish @ home. Very fantastically done movie by Tim Burton. Very.

FC Rating : 8/10


08.33 pm – Went to Bayan Lepas’s Joo Leong for dinner.


09.30 pm – After Vinny was done packing her stuff for Monday,

we got our faces fixed.

12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Saturday Eileen Gan Celebrated Her 21st Birthday

10.30 am – Woke up to a plate of coconut toasts,

an apple and

2 soft boiled eggs.

11.00am – American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Performances.

american idol season 8 top 11 performances

01.00 pm – American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Elimination.

american idol season 8 top 11 elmination

02.00 pm – Lunch.

Sat at Ti Shen’s soya bean stall.

Had pork leg rice and

char koay teow.

04.00 pm – Went over to Queensbay to shop for a shirt,

a tie and

a pair of shoes for Ryan Lee Ren Gee’s big day tomorrow.

08.00 pm – Went to Maksak for Eileen’s 21st birthday party.

The food.

The birthday girl on the far left.

11.30 pm – Took out my shoes again.

Couldn’t stop obsessing about it.

How the back looks like.

See, Ren Gee, I sengaja buy a new pair of shoes just for your big day.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Sunday I Went To Old Town E-Gate Twice

10.00 am – Had a cup of milo,

beef murtabak and

a banana

for breakfast.

04.00 pm – Had chicken rice and

a cup of soya bean milk at

Island Glades’s Ti Shen.

04.30 pm – Went over to Oldtown E-Gate for a chit chat session.

07.30 pm – Dinner with my relatives.

Started off with beer, then came the

garlic chicken,

pork cutlets,

salted fish bean sprouts,

sea cucumber with bird eggs and broccoli,

scrambled eggs and

fish curry.

I enjoyed it. Very much. =)

Oh, we also had red wine

and Ms Ho’s glutinous rice ball for dessert.

09.30 pm – Went over to E-Gate’s Oldtown for a chit chat session again.

12.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Sunday We Went Around Gurney Window Shopping For New Year Clothes

11.00 am – Had soft boiled eggs,


apple cider vinegar,

lo mai kai and

cheesecake for


03.00 pm – Went down to Island Glades’s soya bean stall for

a late lunch of Bangkok famous pork leg rice

with this fella.


03.30 pm – Went back to my room and lepak.

05.00 pm – Went over to hang out at Gurney’s BBQ Chicken for a short while.

06.00 pm – Window shopping for undies.

06.30 pm – Was in FOS when Shawn noticed an amazing size XXXXXXL collar t shirt fit for a family.

07.00 pm – Went over to the new Sakae Sushi for dinner. Had

lala sushi,

yaki soba and

a pair of ebiko sushi.

07.30 pm – Total spent by the 6 of us.

09.00 pm – Filled up PCJ.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Friday I Changed My Car’s Wheel Bearing

09.00 am – Walked over to Jalan Delima’s hidden curry mee for breakfast.


12.00 pm – Went over to Bayan Baru market’s food court for lunch.

Had fried curly mee.

02.00 pm – Went over to mechanic Ong to fix PCJ’s noisy, spoilt wheel bearings.

Step 1 : Jack up the car.

Step 2 : Unscrew the tyres.

Step 3 : Take out the tyres.

The insides of the wheel.

Step 4 : Start knocking out the wheel bearings at the center of the wheel cap.

The spoilt wheel bearing.

Step 5 : Coat the new wheel bearings with

high temperature grease.

And the center of the wheel cap too, before fixing it back to the wheels.

Step 6 : Screw back everything tightly in the same order as the dismantling process.

05.30 pm -Walked down to Kedai Kopi Genting for Shariff’s Nasi Kandar.

Ordered the stuff and took it over to

Ti Shen’s soya bean stall.

Had it with

ma partner.

06.30 pm – Went back to my room. Did a lil’ surfing.

Collected the tickets.

10.25 pm – The Day The Earth Stood Still.

FC Rating : 6/10 (Wait for aXXo / FXG)

01.00 am – Waited in line

for nasi beratur’s

yummy yum yum.

02.30 am – zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Monday I Tried Lorong Seratus Tahun’s Curry Mee For The First Time

10.30 am – Heard a about it but never tried it. So, today was the day. I went to this corner coffee shop

located at Lorong Seratus Tahun

for curry mee.

Honestly, there’s nothing special about the curry mee. The default size is big, unless you tell the fella you want small. So automatically, I was charged RM3.80 per bowl. Now that’s an expensive bowl of curry mee.

Even the chilli paste was insatiable. Not even 2 scoops was enough to add to the taste.

It only made my curry mee oily.

11.30 am – Watched Prison Break s04e13.

12.30 pm – Watched Fringe s01e09.

1.30 pm – Took a nap.

04.00 pm – Went down to Island Glades’s soy bean stall for lunch.

Had tua pui mee and

shared a plate of char koay teow.

07.30 pm – Went window shopping at Gurney Plaza.

09.00 pm – Had dinner at Northam Beach Cafe.

10.00 pm – Filled up PCJ with 22 litres of petrol.

10.30 pm – Enjoyed a cornetto classico love sparks ice cream cone

at Batu Maung’s 7 Eleven.

12.30 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Sunday I Brought Muscle Man John To Crepe Cottage For Dessert

11.30 am – Had lotsa stuff for brunch.

Herbal eggs.

Curry mee.

Super mini homemade chocolate cupcakes.

More chocolate cakes.

Longan soup.

02.00 pm – Teman Muscle Man John

to Island Glades’s Ti Shen soya bean stall for lunch.

Bought some mini pancakes to share.

02.45 pm – Guitar class.

Artist macam.

07.00 pm – Went over to Thong Lek’s Super Lai Lai bah kut teh.

Stuff you cannot eat without.


And it wasn’t enough for Muscle Man John. He desired for more. What to do?

08.00 pm – And so we went over to Gurney Drive’s Crepe Cottage for dessert.

Shared this with Vinny.

Muscle Man John with his traffic lights crepe.

Jiun with her banana crepe.

10.30 pm – It used to be RM80 for 30 litres. And oh, it’s rumored to go down again from RM2.15/L to RM2.00/L on the 15th November.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My Days

The Saturday I Got Sick

09.30 am – Woke up to the sound of loud knocking on my door. Turned out to be granny with the roof repairman here to measure the ceilng board for repair works.

10.00 am – Felt my mind rolling like a hurricane. Tried sleeping back but couldn’t. So what do you do when you can’t sleep back? You lie down with your eyes closed, awake.

11.00 am – Decided to get up. Breakfasted. Dropped by stewie‘s, kennysia, tinkitalks.

Ate the rest of the strawberries for breakfast.

Not all were edible.

11.30 am – Showered.

12.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

12.30 pm – Lunched at Island Glades’s soya bean stall.

Bought this from

Genting coffeeshop’s economy rice stall. It’s relatively cheap, I would say.

02.00 pm – Balik rumah. Updated famouschris.

03.00 pm – Napped.

06.30 pm – Woke up not feeling right. Wasted time surfing around.

07.00 pm – Dinnered.

As it was a Saturday night, I had to wait behind a long long line of people who ordered before me.

While waiting, I took photos of irresponsible drivers blocking an entire lane of road by parking their car inconsiderately. You know, there is ample parking space at the front and back of Island Glades. If you want to save on parking fees you can always park further at a non-obstructing spot and walk a bit further.

PEG8311 Suzuki Vitara.

PGA2727 Kenari (although you are a hot chick, you still should park at proper parking lots) and PGM2913 Honda City.

PGR5318 Kelisa, PHF1127 Camry (newer) and PCN3633 Camry (older).

PGR604 Honda City and PEB6019 Proton Iswara.

Bought a bunch of these on the way home.

Had fish porridge.

08.00 pm – Checked out the entire site of the cool as ever Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, read about the PH balancing of food.

08.30 pm – Showered. Came out feeling so cold. No choice.

Took a tablet of 500mg panadol soluble.

09.00 pm – Watched a self improvement video.

Grapes to keep me company.

Learned that each of us is born with a unique ability that has 4 characteristics.

  1. It is a superior ability that other people notice and value.
  2. We love doing it and want to do it as much as possible.
  3. It is both energizing to us and those around.
  4. We keep getting better, never running our of possibilities for further improvement.

I think my passion lies in organizing and planning for short term events. Like for example, the Bangkok trip recently, I didn’t mind researching and planning out the itineraries for the entire 4 days. I enjoyed myself checking out the sites after sites of traveler advise on things that they enjoyed doing and thought of how it could fit us during out stay there.

11.00 pm – Read up on the latest hu ha involving DawnYang and XiaXue.

11.30 am – zzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz

My Days

The ACDC vs M&M Sunday

01.00 pm – Woke up. Lunched.

02.00 pm – Anthony called and we went down to Island Glades Soy Bean stall to fill up his stomach.

02.30 pm – Hanged around in my room while waiting for the rest to arrive. We watched the latest video by ACDC’s crew in the biggest online battle on youtube between ACDC and M&M.

03.00 pm – Queensbay Starbucks.

At my 9 o’clock.

shawn chin, jason ng

At my 12 o’clock.

andy tai, anthony ngo

At my 2 o’clock.

daniel teh, gabriel yeoh

05.00 pm – Indiana Jones with Dad & Mum. Although this one is good, I still prefer the one where he went after the Holy Grail.

kingdom of the crystal skull

07.00 pm – Picked up brother from tuition and dinnered at Joo Leong’s fish head bee hoon.

The exact wikimapia location.

Butter sugar toasts.

butter sugar toasts

Frog, fish and hoo pio maggi. (How do you call hoo pio in English?)

Frog, fish and hoo pio maggi

Salted chicken.

salted chicken

Chicken satay.

chicken satay

08.30 pm – Went back to Queensbay to buy Rotiboy for tomorrow’s breakfast.

09.00 pm – Reached home. Rested.

11.00 pm – Update famouschris. Fell in love with Yael Naim.

Yael Naim – New Soul

A healthy midnight snack @ 11.30


01.00 am – …zZZzzz…..