The Friday I Saw First Assembly of God’s Only You Christmas Play


11.24 am – Breakfast.

11.42 am – Started preparing lunch.

Vivian cut up aluminum foil

and wrapped the oven grills

before preheating it.

Double the serving of spaghetti.

Took out yesterday’s marinated meat and lay it out on the grill.

Chopped up what needed to be chopped up.

Boiled the carrots, broccoli and


Ta da!

Lunch for 2.

02.01 pm – Vivian started wrapping the presents for FlyFM’s Pagi Show Christmas Tree.

03.48 pm – Went to Golden Auto Accessories to

change the old China brand cacat audio head unit into a better one.

The Pioneer DEH-P4550 audio head unit. I damn love the sound quality, especially the bass!

06.13 pm – Went to Tesco and did some

basic grocerying.

06.35 pm – Went to Restoran Deen of Jelutong for the first time.

Ate the ‘nasi kandar yang terkenal di pulau pinang’. Scores a B from me. Dipping fried chicken in curry is not cool.

08.21 pm – Went to Dewan Sri Pinang for Penang First Assembly of God’s annual christmas play entitles ‘Only You’.

‘We wish you a merry christmasss….’

10.43 pm – The party continues.

01.58 am – Had supper at Ghee Seng Tom Yam.

Had yummy fried curly noodles tom yam and

sinfully delicious roasted pork in soy sauce. A+.

03.30 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

The Monday Where Jason Joined Us For Hiking


08.30 am – Woke up.

09.00 am – After John showered and we walked down to Mandarin Cafe for breakfast.

I made a mistake by ordering 2 LARGE plates.


09.30 am – Grocerying in Tesco.

Sesame oil for oil pulling, peanut butter for breakfast and strawberries… hmm… strawberries are a first.

I have tried almost every type of shampoo before, from Clear to Pantene to Sunsilk but none seemed to work as well as Sebamed’s anti dandruff. Although Nizoral’s the best, it’s pretty small in quantity and pricey. So, Sebamed it is.

10.30 am – Went for a haircut.

11.00 am – Showered.

11.30 am – Checked mails. Read RPK’s That Reminds Me, TheStar.

Spain kicked Germany’s ass to win Euro 2008.

12.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

01.00 pm – Lunch.

The usual economy dishes from the economy rice shop ..

.. and kiam chai boey from the new chicken rice shop.

02.00 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

Nescafed while having fun.

03.00 pm – Found out about AirAsia’s Rm 0.05 promotion. Found a few good dates for traveling. Researched about another alternative destination, Manila, Philippines.

05.00 pm – Napped.

06.00 pm – Hiking.

I took some time to warm up. The guys were about 5 minutes ahead. Started to hike up at

Caught up with them but was pretty tired by then.

Stayed with Jason for awhile as it was his first time in a long time.

Continued on with him behind.

Caught up with Daryl and Shawn at 46.

Reached the yellow sign board at about

As we were about to go down, Jason appeared.

After resting for awhile, we continued down and we saw a baby snake.

Reached the bottom.

08.00 pm – Gurney Plaza’s food court.

Ordered from our usual favourite stall.

The 3 of us had the same ..

.. nasi padprik ayam.

09.00 pm – Visited my cousin’s gym. Enquired about the fees and stuff like that. Although the gym that I have been going to for the past 2 years is conveniently located near my place, they have no proper instructors to guide you. All this while, I have been working out based on the videos and articles I see on the internet. It’s actually kinda hard when you have questions and don’t know how to get them answered.

And during Chinese New Year, my cousin, Shane did mention to me about the full time instructors and the products of his gym which includes Mr Penang, Mr Penang Junior, Celebrity Fitness instructors, etc. So I thought, why not give it a try. It should be better as the instructors are there in person to help you out if you have any questions. Moreover, it’s cheap at RM50 monthly and a lifetime membership of RM60, which is awesome as you can stop and come back years later.

09.30 pm – Showered. Rested.

Plastered 3 of these onto

the sink,

the wall near the floor and

the kitchen.

12.00 am – Did another site for bro’s friends.

02.00 am – Sleep.

The Saturday Where Pamela Song Caught My Attention


12.00 pm – Woke up. My throat sill felt okay, but I knew it was coming. I just couldn’t keep my mind off my throat.

12.30 pm – CS.

01.00 pm – I never knew who she was. The first time I heard of her was when Shawn said that either Mr or Mrs Song said something about their daughter, Pamela Song, mentioning that she may have heard of the name ‘Shawn Chin’ before ^.~

One day, while fooling around with innit, I noticed the posts of this someone called ‘pamsong‘ always appearing in the top 10. I gave her blog link to Shawn to verify and he confirmed it with me that it was Mr Kenny Song’s daughter’s blog (hahaha. damn. how cool is that?). Didn’t know that she was such a celebrity.

I’ve to admit. Pam, I’ve been dropping by. And….. I find you cheeky yet outgoing, blur yet sociable.

This picture below made me imagine you in leather jackets and a boots to go, in a concert leading the crowd with your powerful voice..


pamela song

So cool lah! Rock on!!
(Actually this short write up is the ‘feature-back’ for this blog entry)

01.30 pm – Left to sell off my old monitor to Mr Hariman. Met him at Fort Cornwalis. Mr Hariman, I thought you were a young working adult. Was so surprised to see your 2 kids. May the monitor be of more use to you than I.

The old CRT. Sold it for RM90.

samsung syncmaster

02.30 pm – Lunch at New World Park.

On my left.

new world park

On my right.

new world park

Had chicken teppanyaki.

chicken teppanyaki

04.00 pm – Assembled at Belissa Row’s Coffee Bean for some fun time chit chatting.

On my left.

coffee bean belissa row

On my right.

coffee bean belissa row

When I went out to top up the parking meter, I saw an old lady being helped into the ‘Pertahanan Awam’ van. I think she fell off her motorbike. But shouldn’t it be an ambulance?

pertahanan awam

Left at 6.30 pm.

coffee bean belissa row winding staircase

07.00 pm – Dinner at Gurney Plaza’s Sushi King.

On my left.

sushi king gurney plaza

On my right.

sushi king gurney plaza

My yasai itame soba and

yasai itame soba

california roll.

california roll

08.00 pm – Actually, my tummy already felt uncomfortable after Coffee Bean. It was after Sushi King that it became worse. Bought myself some chi kit pills. Was undecided on whether to go MOIS or not.

Teck Aun’s chi kit pills.

chi kit pills

09.00 pm – While driving home, I decided that my health was more important than fun. I felt helpless as I was gonna miss out on some tonight. Geoffrey’s back from KL and I always enjoyed seeing his theatrics in clubs. As I sms-ed the star performers, I felt a bit of regret inside. Oh well, there will always be a next time. And Bangkok’s just 13 days away ^.^

09.30 pm – Showered. Updated famouschris.

11.00 am – I wanted to get well. I missed being healthy. I went to google out home remedies for sore throat. Found this. When I couldn’t find any cayenne pepper in the kitchen, I drove to Tesco.

I bought a mini tube of vaseline and a small bottle of mccormick’s cayenne pepper.

lip vaseline, mccormick cayenne pepper

The warning on the website said to use only 1/8 teaspoon. I think this looks more 1/4 than 1/8.

quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper

Mixed it in.

diluted cayenne pepper

After squeezing out a lil vaseline, I applied it on my lips and started gargling. Continued doing so every 15 minutes till I slept. (I’m feeling hopeful about it)


12.30 am – While in the car today, Anthony saw a hawk/eagle and asked a pretty interesting question.

How do you tell an eagle from a hawk?

Answer. (Look at the privates. Nolah. =P) Actually, mature eagles have a wider wing span than mature hawks. This is because hawks are more aerodynamic. Bald eagles have the characteristic white head and tail, whereas hawks are generally various shades of brown, with some having very light colored undersides.





01.30 am – Felt hungry.

Made some milk and ate some chipsmore.

midnight snack

02.00 am – Dormar.

Had some vitamin C before I slept. Cannas, this is the Redoxon Effervescent vitamin C that I was talking about.

redoxon effervescent

Each tablet contained 1000mg of pure vitamin C.

redoxon effervescent tablet

It sizzles.

cup of water redoxon effervescent vitamin c

The Chilli Hot Friday


10.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Swirled sesame oil. Breakfasted.

11.00 am – Updated famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunch with Daryl, Gabriel and Jason @ Bayan Baru market.

The bison.

jason ng wen huan

The nightingale (it just so happened I managed to capture his friend before she poked him).

gabriel yeoh chun hoong

The squirrel.

daryl koay tze yang

Lai Hoe’s tom yam. hot nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

lai hoe tom yam

02.00 pm – Grocerying at Tesco.

Tesco started testing out their new parking system. Still free at the moment.

tesco parking system

Bought a watermelon,


middle floor mat for the car’s back seat,

back seat car mat middle

2 packets of butter chipsmore,

butter chipsmore

and all these.

tesco products

Was being watched by this fella while I was taking photos of the bought goods.


03.00 pm – Arranged the bought goods, arranged the newly kept dry clothes, cut nails and sliced up the papaya into halves, quarters and quadruples. Read Back to basics: 1968-2008.

The sliced up papaya.


A poster from RPK’s website.

ubah gaya hidup barisan nasional

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.30 pm – Nap.

05.30 pm – Prepared for gym.

06.00 pm – Gym.

07.00 pm – Showered. Waited for the guys to arrive.

08.00 pm – Dinner at 3N Ikan Bakar.

3N Ikan Bakar

3 of the 5 dishes that we ate. The ones with chilli tasted hot like pussycat dolls.

3N ikan bakar dishes

The hotness level equaled pussycat dolls but I still loved it. As I’ve said before, Malays are gifted sambal makers.


09.30 pm – Moved on to D’joint.


Enjoyed good conversation with buddies over a few jugs of beer.

jugs of beer

12.30 am – Glo.

02.30 am – Jelutong market economy rice for supper.

IDHTCI vegetable, pig intestines (I know, sounds disgusting) and fried chicken.

jelutong economy rice

The 6 of us.

friends at jelutong market early morning economy rice

03.30 am – Uploaded photos. Updated famouschris.

04.00 am – Dormar.