The Monday Where I Watched Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood


07.00 am – Woke up. Showered.

08.00 am – Checked out photos of Nicola, my cousin’s wedding.

The Wedding of Nicola Prall and Andy Wismar

nicola prall andy wismar

08.30 am – Watched the goals of last night’s Turkey – Czech Euro 2008 game. Turkey won over Czech Republic 3-2 to qualify for quarter finals.


09.00 am – Worked on trip timetable.

12.00 pm – Lunch.

12.30 pm – Continued working on trip timetable.

01.30 pm – Jotted down some basic Thai language to have the upper hand in conversations.

02.30 pm – Nap.

03.00 pm – Called 123 to enquire about international roaming. Seems that it is already activated for my phone number.

Call charges for Maxis international roaming in Thailand

RM 1.17 per sms to Thailand or Malaysia line.
RM 3.00 per minute to Thailand or Malaysia line.
RM 5.00 per minute from Thailand or Malaysia line. (the caller will only have to pay normal call charges)

03.30 pm – Continued updating bangkok trip details.

05.30 pm – Went to Botanical Gardens after Daryl arrived.

06.00 pm – Hiked to 84.

Warming up is important in preventing injuries.

shawn chin sze wye

Somewhere before midpoint.

shawn chin sze wye, daryl koay tze yang

Tired at 46.

shawn chin sze wye, daryl koay tze yang

The yellow permanent forest estate highland signboard. Marks the last corner before 84’s hut.

permanent forest estate highland

Finally at 84.

84 hiking trail

We left after resting for about 10 minutes. Reached the hut at 46 about 15 minutes later.

hut at 46

Reached the bottom about 20 minutes later.

shawn chin sze wye

08.00 pm – Ate Terengganu Road’s Nasi Melayu.

nasi melayu terrenganu road

08.30 pm – Surfed around.

09.00 pm – Read RPK’s Educate, Not Legislate.

09.30 pm – Showered.

10.00 pm – Watched Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood s01e01 & s01e02. David Beckham appeared in the second episode. It’s quite a funny show.

snoop dogg father hood

Some grapes while watching..


11.00 pm – Chit chatted with buddies.

12.30 am – ….zzzZZZZzzzz….