4D3N Yogyakarta Day 3 : Pasar Kranggan, Kraton, Gudeg Yu Djum Wijilan, Plaza Ambarrukmo, Cinema 21, Mie Ayam, Kopi Joss

07.16 am – Walked down Jalan AM Sangaji towards

Tugu Yogyakarta.

Yesterday I was strolling along the back but today, I’m checking out the front.

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The Friday Shane Chee & Ishuet Cheah Had Their Engagement Dinner


09.04 am – Had breakfast.

12.56 pm – Started preparing the oven for grilling.

The grills.

Covered it with aluminum foil to reduce washing.

Took out the cold 12 hour nicely marinated chicken and mutton from the fridge.

Looks good.

Lay them out on the grill nicely.

Put it into the oven and

let it roast at 150°C for 10 minutes. (which I think is too long.)

Began cooking the leftover marinade.

Lesson learned previously.

Smells good~

Started preparing the vegetables and


Used the cooked marinade as

toast spread.

Raw vegetable, sliced.

Layer 1, lettuce.

Layer 2, cucumber.

Layer 3, red bell pepper.

By the time I was at layer 3, the meat was already done.

Placed all of it over the base.

Onions to top it off. ~fuh~ Damn tasty!

06.19 pm – Went to Ferringhi Garden for the first time.

A damn posh area for bluffing girls fine dining.

You gotta be prepared for a budget of less than RM100 per person.

The koi pond.

Graded A by MPPP.

The entrance from the back, where you park your car.

The place where Shane and Ishuet booked their private engagement dinner.

Finger food.


The cake made by Lee Sin Cake House. Took 7 days.

The menu.

My place card.

The guestbook.

The man and woman of the night.

Ferringhi Garden’s toilet signs.

Ladies and


The flowers.

The appetizer.

The truffle tomato soup.

I actually ordered prawns with mutton but decided not to ask for a change as the waiters were already having a tough time recognizing the dishes everyone ordered.

Had lots of beer, red wine and

tea along the way.


Cutting the cake.

Pouring the wine.

Yam seng!

And, oh, happy birthday too!

“Hey baby, where’s my smooch?”

“There you go.”

12.30 am – The party continues in Soi 11 and Zenzibar. Received the invite for Zenzibar’s 1 Year anniversary from Sam.

02.22 am – Ate Nasi Kandar Beratur for supper.

The yummy yummy dishes.

My favourite 4 dishes. Lady’s fingers, beef rendang, cabbage and fish curry.

04.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

The Monday Where The Car’s Air Cond Was No Longer Cold


10.00 am – Woke up. Showered. Clean shaved. Breakfasted.

11.00 am – Visited malaysia-today, malaysiakini, soccernet.

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunch.

Picked up this fella before

picking up these dishes onto the plate which came with


What I don’t understand is, how could you eat such a big plate of mee goreng if you said u were full? Unless of course, you’re a monster la.

02.00 pm – Did what everyone would do if their car’s air cond was no longer cold.

According to the fella, there’s a leak somewhere and I would have to leave my car for a day at most for further diagnosing. I decided to check out another shop first before coming to a decision.

02.30 pm – Surfed around.

04.00 pm – Drafted “The 10 Qualities Of A Girl That Attracts Me Most” for weekend publishing. I predict that this weekend’s gonna be another busy hardcore party weekend.

A relative dropped his friend’s computer for repairs saying that his Windows wouldn’t start up. Decided to leave the diagnosing work to tomorrow.

05.30 pm – Prepared for hiking.

06.00 pm – Kawasan Rehat 84, here we come!

It took roughly about 15 minutes to reach 46.

At the last turning before


These 2 things below motivates.

A journey costs about 1 1/2 hours.

07.30 pm – Dinnered at Goodall Cafe.

The monster ordered a plate of lobak,

joo hoo eng chai &

curry fish head.

09.00 pm – Balik. Mandi.

09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

10.00 pm – Chit chatted with buddies.

11.00 pm – Khaleel-ed with Andy.

01.30 am – Checked out Anwar’s speech in Banting, Selangor.

Part 1 (This is the funniest!)

Part 2
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part 5

02.30 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz