2 February 2010 Dinner

Boiled a piece of potato.

Ate it with the skin on as most of the nutrition is found near the skin. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on that.

Mashed it.

Metal steamer ring.

The bowl of broccoli.

TC Boy tuna in extra virgin olive oil.

Took about half can for this meal.

Added scallions and parsley.

Raw cherry tomatoes and a stalk of celery.

Dinner of the day.

My Days

The Friday Vivan Tan Chuu Syn Celebrated Her 21st

09.00 am – Had ham toasts and

milo for breakfast.

12.30 pm – Had lunch.

03.30 pm – Started preparing for the party later at night.

The already done pork braised in soy sauce.

The not-yet-fried crispy potato wedges and bahan-bahan rojak.

I started on the sandwiches.

05.30 pm – Set up the tables for guests

and chairs.

The tables for laying out the food.

06.00 pm – Almost done.

07.00 pm – The caterer arrived with his array of food.

10 minutes later, we filled the table with Karen’s homecooked food.

07.30 pm – People started arriving.

10.30 pm – By this time, everyone has already arrived.

The cake cutting session.

02.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz