3D2N Muar Day 1 : AirAsia Boarding Pass, Travel 3 Sixty, Shandong Peanuts, KLIA Transit, KLIA-LCCT, My Budget Inn


03.04 pm – Started packing 2 hours before flight.

04.14 pm – Arrived at Penang International Airport

with this fella 45 minutes before our flight departed.

Cool thing was, I had already checked in both of us 4 days ago and printed out the boarding pass.

So we just walked into the departure gate and waited for our plane to arrive.

How convenient!

05.10 pm – I liked the fact that AirAsia uses the loading bridge when it rains in Penang International Airport.

05.22 pm – It was cool to get to read October’s Travel 3 Sixty barely 5 days after I read September’s version during 5D4N Philippines.

It would be cool to have your face there. Really. Cool.

Jian Loong immersed in the travel articles.

05.50 pm – Had my favourtie RM2 Shandong Peanuts snack on board.

06.30 pm – Landed.

Went straight to the KLIA Transit counter which was closed.

Then proceeded to bus stand no.6 where the buses are.

So we just bought a ticket from

the person sitting down at the at bus stand

and waited until 6.55pm

before we boarded the bus.

07.26 pm – Arrived at Stesen Salak Selatan KLIA Transit.

07.37 pm – Boarded the super fast train to/from KLIA and KL Sentral.

07.49 pm – 10 minutes later, we arrived in Stesen Putrajaya/Cyberjaya KLIA Transit and were met by Boon Keat and Chim.

08.06 pm – We wasted no time and traveled straight to Kian Haw’s new house.

08.26 pm – Hung around until it was time to meet the rest in

McDonald’s for dinner.

11.33 pm – After 2½ hours of driving, we arrived at My Budget Inn in Muar, Johor.

The entrance.

The hallway to the rooms.

Kar Fei and my room for the next 2 nights.

12.27 am – After settling down, a few of us went over to Ching Hwa the groom’s house to see him and catch up.

We also watched the video that was shown during the wedding in Klang a week back.

01.07 am – Dropped by 7 Eleven for bottled water before heading back for some sleep.

5D4N Philippines Day 5 : DM Residente, Philippine Airport Tax, KLIA-LCCT, AirAsia Self Check In Kiosk, LCCT Food Garden


09.10 am – Woke up to a very sad Monday.

As the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’.

09.30 am – After successfully checking out, we hopped into the van

and proceeded towards the airport.

Fields Avenue, the area where we stayed in is actually very near the airport.

09.43 am – Security checks by the entrance.

The very empty, open spaced airport.

There were a total of 4 security checks beginning from the entrance to the airport and my bottles of San Miguel and Red Horse were confiscated from me. =(

Received our boarding pass but everyone leaving from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport had to pay PHP600 worth of airport tax.

I don’t understand why it isn’t included in our flight tickets.

10.26 am – The stalls at the departure lounge.

The only place that sells rice.

Salty and tastes like crap. Very unlike the usual Filipino food.

Went to get something more from Mister Donut.

Looks like shit. Tastes like shit.

Big Apple / J.Co is any day better than Mister Donut.

11.28 am – Began the long walk to

our plane.

Sat beside the giants again.

This time, we were all neighbours.

Directly beside each other.

12.53 pm – Ordered a drink only as the aircraft ran out of food?

Lucky they still have my favourite RM2 Shandong peanuts.

01.30 pm – The lack of sleep caught up to us.

03.26 pm – Landed in KLIA-LCCT.

Walked the long journey back to the arrival hall.

03.56 pm – Waited for Anthony to buy his duty free ciggies.

04.22 pm – Decided to give AirAsia’s check in kiosk another chance after it failed during my trip to Bali earlier this year

Today, it worked!

Checked in and printed out the boarding passes for the remaining 6 Penang brothers successfully.

04.27 pm – After that, I took the long walk

along the long corridor

to KLIA-LCCT’s new humongous food court called Food Garden.


Naturally, the healthiest choice is mixed rice.

Penang’s nasi campur is any day better than this, but then again, this is the best that anyone can get at the moment.

05.19 pm – After the heavy meal at Food Garden, the 2 KL brothers continued their journey back home while the rest hung around Starbucks.

Lined up and

got ourselves drinks.

07.42 pm – Dinner at Taste Of Asia.

09.09 pm – Entered the domestic departure hall and

waited for our plane to arrive.

The pretty empty place on a Monday night.

10.47 pm – I actually wanted to order a Roast Chicken Thigh with BBQ Sauce but was told that they ran out of food supplies already.

11.02 pm – We were all so damn tired.

12.17 am – Home sweet home.

5D4N Philippines Day 1 : Tune Hotels, KLIA LCCT Airpot, Travel 3 Sixty, Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, Smart Buddy Sim Card, Jeepney, DM Residente, Savers Mall, Jollibee, Catsup, San Miguel Light, Fields Avenue, Pagcor, Burger McDo, Palabok


05.23 am – After about 2 hours of sleep, we woke up. I didn’t really get much sleep because you could hear the doors of other guests around the building banging shut at Tune Hotels in LCCT-KLIA. Pretty much like what I experienced in Tune Hotels Kuta, Bali.

I took a shower first.

Then roomie.

05.32 am – 10 minutes later, we were on the feeder bus from Tune Hotels to the airport.

5 minutes later

we arrived at LCCT-KLIA and I was VERY SURPRISED to see SO SO SO SO MANY people at the airport at this time of the day.

05.46 am – Collected everyone’s passport and

proceeded to check in. I was surprised to see SO SO SO SO many middle aged Indian, all men only, lining up for the same flight as us.

15 minutes later, we got our boarding pass.

06.06 am – Had breakfast at the FOREVER CROWDED McDonald’s.

Forever crowded lines by the counter.

Big breakfast it is.

06.52 am – Proceeded to the international departure hall to wait.

07.06 am – Boarding call.

07.11 am – What an early flight!

As our names are arranged in alphabetical order, Chris sat beside Andy the giant and Anthony the manatee. It was pretty uncomfortable sitting beside 2 giants.

5 minutes later.

08.20 am – Started reading AirAsia’s interesting in flight magazine, Travel 3 Sixty.

10.46 am – Had a packet of my favourite AirAsia snack, the cheap RM2 Shandong peanuts.

Filled up the Customs Declaration form. One word of warning for first timers. Please do not bring Philippine Pesos exceeding PHP 10,000 as the corrupted immigration officers will ask you for your wallet and check you. And if you exceed PHP 10,000, they will hold your passport and ask you for bribes. I had to pay PHP 500 / RM 35. Pukimak, lanciao!

11.21 am – Arrived safely at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

12.02 pm – First thing I did after getting out from the airport was to buy a sim card.

Smart was the no.1 telecommunication company in Philippines so we just opted for it.

12.05 pm – Advice : look for the airport’s jeepney stand as the taxis are very expensive.

The jeepney is the MOST POPULAR mode of transportation in the Philippines.

Our first ever jeepney ride!


The wires above the buildings remind me so much of my Bangkok trips.

12.50 pm – Arrived at our hotel, DM Residente.

Only 1 room was ready at the time and we left our luggages in it and went out for lunch.

In trikes! haha. What an experience!

Arrived in Saver’s Mall.

01.02 pm – Jollibee, Filipino’s favourite fast food chain restaurant.

Lined up for our first ever Philippine food experience.

The counter.

Order a set of Jollibee spaghetti with yum burger.

Impossible! Cat soup?

Haha. Actually, catsup = ketchup.

The utensils and sauce counter by the side.

Us in Jollibee.

Spaghetti bolognese with yum burger.