How To Make Tarts In 2 Hours On A Saturday


11.00 am – Chopped the big ass watermelon

into threes.

Wrapped up the two big ones and

sliced the smallest one for breakfast with

a cup of milo.

12.00 pm – Watched Tell No One, a super thrilling movie from France. Very good shit!

FC Rating : 9/10

03.30 pm – Went over to the great Cargas for lunch.


04.30 pm – Started making tarts for this lucky girl’s 21st birthday party.

Ingredients consisted of sugar, butter and


After mixing it all in, beat it like there’s no tomorrow.

How it should look like after abusing the mix for 5 minutes

Start filling up the tart shapers after 15 minutes of beating.

I found it fun, actually. Making tarts. =)

Put it into a preheated oven of 160

The Friday I Watched Mamma Mia


10.00 am – Had breakfast.

10.30 am – Watched WOW’s Wrath Of The Lich King trailer.

(The high quality boring video below plays only if you’re logged in)

12.00 pm – Ate lunch.

01.00 pm – Went over to Hamley to collect the Kapok guitar

that I ordered.

Ms Chew, the owner of this branch, who is a piano teacher didn’t know how to tune the guitar. And so she suggested that I bring back a tuned one and leave mine here for the next guitar teacher that comes in to tune it.

02.00 pm – Fixed PCQ’s back seat door with this

multipurpose glue.

Ta da!

07.30 pm – Collected the tickets before heading down to

Gurney Drive for dinner.

Had laksa,

wan than mee,

char koay teow and

see ko thng. ~fuh. That’s a lot.

09.15 pm – Watched Mamma Mia! Although it was a musical, I kinda liked it. It really did make me feel like dancing =P Saw lotsa older people in the cinema when the lights came on. and surprise, surprise! I saw Dad and Mom. haha..

FC : 8/10

12.00 am – Had a cup of milo to fill the empty tummy before bed.

The Friday I Applied To Be AMBP’s Travel Ambassador


11.00 am – Woke up. Showered.

12.00 pm – Lunched with buddies in Bayan Baru market.

Had banana leaf rice.

02.00 pm – Read mails.

Wrote in to the All Malaysian Bloggers Project.

03.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Had apples.

04.00 pm – Napped.

05.00 pm – Read an article about dating and finance. Things I learned :

  • Women are NOT interested in men who earn less than they do.
  • 53% are looking for a man who can single-handedly support the family for a few years while she stays home with the kids. And another 25% would feel more secure knowing the family doesn’t need her salary to make ends meet.
  • 78% of women are hoping you’ll say, “I’m saving up to buy a house in the country someday.” Only 16 percent want to hear “I’m planning to retire a millionaire by age 40.”
  • 98.72% do not want to date a man who “lives fast, die young and broke, and leave a good-looking corpse”.
  • The average guy has 8,562 skeletons in his financial closet and 90% of women would rather you come clean about it and tell her how you’re gonna pay it off. To a woman, spending time is better than spending money on her.
  • 70% of women say the hottest men are those who “spend wisely” compared with 19% who say they are attracted to big savers and only 8% who say they like big spenders. The biggest money-related turnoff: a man who’s a walking logo. A woman will know a man has money if he can just let loose for a day.
  • Only 25% mentioned jewelry as their most romantic gift. In relationships, presents should be simple and inexpensive, said 89% surveyed. In fact, during the first month, no gift should exceed $100, said 97%.
  • When She Expects You to Pay
    Take turns to pay: 41%
    Dates 1, 2, and maybe 3: 30%
    Dates 1 to infinity: 8%
  • The Smartest Splurges
    A surprise vacation for two: 34%
    Concerts and entertainment 20%
    Your appearance: 9%
  • Dates That Put Her in the Mood
    Great dinner and conversation: 39%
    Front-row seats at a concert or show: 21%
    Limo service all night long 13%
  • Her Biggest Money-Related Turnoffs
    Wearing too-obvious logos: 31%
    Referencing your bottom line: 19%
    Clipping discount coupons: 11%
  • Financial Qualities She Finds Sexy
    Being knowledgeable: 59%
    Being generous: 23%
    Just plain having a lot of money: 6%

06.00 pm – Super Gym.

+0001 kg.

07.30 pm – Dinner-ed at Jelutong Market.

Bee Tai Bak.

See Ko th’ng.

08.30 pm – Surfed around.

09.00 pm – Showered.

09.30 pm – Surfed around.

11.00 am – A mysterious person visited.

Had supper.

01.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz