The Sunday Where I Watched Se7en


11.30 am – Woke up. Showered.

12.00 pm – John arrived. He, who stays on the mainland, will be staying over for a night at my place for his appointment in Penang the morning after.

As soon as he arrived, he took a leak.

01.00 pm – Lunched at Island Glades’s soya bean stall.

Bangkok famous pork leg rice.

02.00 pm – After lunch, the 3 of us shifted to Gurney’s Coffee Bean.

04.30 pm – The 8 of us met up and watched..


06.45 pm – Dinnered at Pat’s ..

.. the corner house behind gurney that serves delicious home cooked western food.

I usually eat Pat’s grill fish.

I think John made the best choice that night. He ordered the most delicious looking roasted chicken I have ever seen.

08.30 pm – Moved over to Jelutong for some tong sui.

08.40 pm – 10 minutes later, it rained. No problem. We moved into the wet market and continued our stuff, although it smelled of stale fish and prawns.

09.00 pm – Went home. Showered. Changed.

09.30 pm – Watched Se7en. It was good!

Famouschris rating : 8.5 / 10

11.30 pm – Checked out youtube for alternate endings for Butterfly Effect & I Am Legend.

12.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz