The Day Andy Tai Married Ann Marie


Congratulations Andy! After 9 long years of being together, you finally tied the knot.

The affair took up the entire weekend. The dinner was held in E&O on a Saturday night whereas the ceremony was held the next morning. I know Andy would have preferred it to be done in a more practical sequence but he had to satisfy the whims and fancies of his elders.

06.34 pm – Arrival at E&O’s ballroom and immediately noticed Andy’s unacceptably over-photoshopped studio portraits. Haha.

The wedding shots printed into 3 books.

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The Wedding Ceremony Of Mr & Mrs Lee Ren Gee Was Held This Sunday


06.00 am – Woke up. Took a shower.

06.30 am – Had a cup of milo and

a toast for breakfast.

08.00 am – Reached University Heights and saw Shawn’s car di-‘bapuk’-kan. Think Brad Pitt in ribbons.

Reached the 3rd floor.

The crowd that was already on standby.

The bridegroom’s house cooked up a big pot of

porridge for breakfast.

Fruits for prayers.

Ryan showing off his king scout cert. Dunno for wat!

08.30 am – All dressed up and ready to go pick up his baby.

Car No.1 and car No.2 waiting.

Car No.4 driver. (Note the teddy bear by the belt and the seat head)

09.00 am – Half an hour later, we arrived at the bridegroom’s house.

It took 10 minutes of negotiating before we got to get in which was kinda fast in my opinion.

I don’t really know why or for what, but we had to wait. So while waiting, we took pictures.

Guan gong and old Master Q.

With his men.

With his men, being funny.

Best friends forever. Once they had a classic fight in school. 😈

The 2nd driver’s stained shirt.

The bridesmaids.

09.30 am – Let the games begin.

Lipstick being applied on.

Hanging cones being worn.

Disposable underwear being passed around for


“hahaha. It feels good. hahaha. write harder. hahaha”

Lying down being vulnerable.

Disgusting games being played.

Careful!!!! Our lower lips are touching liaoOOOO!!!!!

The process.

Raw egg in Guinness Stout being drank.

Ang pows being asked for.

MYR 88,888 being given.

Harassing the bridegroom’s cones.

10.00 am – Here comes the bride with her parents.

Bonus question : Why can’t the newlyweds hug?

Answer : Cause his ‘cones’ are too pokey.

Opening of the veil.

Check out happy daddy in the background.

I became diabetic for a moment.

Pinning of the flower to his chest.


Is it just me or is the bride’s face glowing?

The prayers.

“Please! Please! Lots of babies. Please!”

While the ritual was going on, I checked out their wedding studio album.

Coolest studio pic of all.

Serving tea to the elders.

Getting tea served by the younglings.

Arranging for a photoshoot with the best men.

The best men.

Kenny Khoo. Posing does not consist of nose digging.

11.30 am – Arrived at the bridegroom’s house.

Did some prayers there as well.

Serving tea again.

Had a brief lunch before going home at around 2pm.

05.30 pm – Applied the egg white remedy for fevers on Mom’s feet.

Soaked the cloth with egg whites.

The yolks.

The shells.

The feet.

The wrapped feet.

07.30 pm – Went to Starview for Ren Gee’s wedding dinner.

Was assigned to table 26.

Chocolate eggs. What’s this supposed to be actually? Appetizer?

The kind of stuff that makes you happy, for sure.

08.00 pm – Grand entrance by Mr & Mrs Lee Ren Gee.

*clap* *clap*

1st Dish : Four seasons.

The wedding invitation card given out 2 weeks ago.

John : Enough of bullshit. Enough.

2nd Dish : Shark’s fin soup.

3rd Dish : Roasted duck.

4th Dish : Steamed fish.

5th Dish : Abalone.

At 9.15pm the wine pouring session began.

So happy.

A big happy family.

Table 26 + Table not 26.

6th Dish : Nestum prawns.

When Ren Gee came close to our table for the yam seng session, we prepared for him a special concoction of Guinness and Tiger.

“Hor ee liao”

7th Dish : Dessert.

10.30 pm – Photo taking session outside the restaurant.

Ryan couldn’t hold back his tears. He was so overwhelmed with emotions. I guess this is usually what big days feel like.

Just us.

With Rachel’s babes.

11.00 pm – Party continued to Zenzibar

of UPR.

Boys and girls. Yay. Too bad I had to leave after 12.

02.00 am – zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

View the complete day’s pictures in higher quality here.

The Saturday I Received Lee Ren Gee’s Wedding Invitation


09.30 am – Went to Lee Huat Cafe located

on the other side of the Greenlane flyover opposite Lam Wah Ee hospital

for this stall’s

curry mee. May God bless my cholesterol levels.

11.00 am – Twilight. I liked it actually.


FC Rating : 8/10

02.00 pm – Cargas Bayan Lepas for lunch.

Very delicious I yell ya.

03.00 pm – Went to this house located at Birch Lane, somewhere behind Gurney Drive’s Bali Hai

to get her eyebrows


03.30 pm – A Sundae cone and

an Oreo McFlurry to reward her braveness.

07.30 pm – Had fried chicken,

scrambled eggs,

curry chicken,

steamed fish,

melon soup and

broccoli for


11.00 pm – MOIS, Upper Penang Road.

Received an old friend of mine’s wedding invitation card. First one among my friends. Can’t wait to see you dressed up, smelling good, walking down the aisle of Starview with your wife.

05.00 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Friday I Tried Out Alan Gurney Corner Burger


10.00 am – Had breakfast.

01.00 pm – Went to Mak Long for lunch with buddies. After 5 minutes into our meal, our special guest arrived.

King Scout Ryan Lee 😈

04.30 pm – Had a cup of mixed fruit yoghurt.


05.30 pm – While working on the PC yesterday, I noticed that the processor temperature was hovering around 75°C – 78°C, which was very bad actually. The processor’s heatsink and fan looked as dusty as Cecilia Cheung’s pubic hair.

And so I took it out to clean. What I failed to realize was that the health of the processor was already fragile to begin with, which was one of the main reasons for the poor temperature.

07.00 pm – And then the PC couldn’t start when I assembled it back. And so I went to my sifu in Midlands to have it diagnosed.

True enough, the processor was faulty. Replaced it with a new one.

07.30 pm – Wanted to draw money when I reached Gurney Plaza but then, the ATM machines were nowhere to be seen. Damn you CIMB!

08.00 pm – Had dinner at Gurney’s food court.

The price of a plate of nasi padprik ayam and

a plate of nasi kunyit ayam

now costs a whopping RM11. It used to be RM4.50 each.

08.30 pm – Being the out of control person that I am, I bought a chocolate chip cream bun and

a coconut blueberry bun from bread history. I wanted chicken floss but too bad it was already sold out.

09.00 pm – Watched Chocolate Fury with my buddies. Anthony and I were laughing our asses out as we caught ‘tak logik’ parts throughout the movie.

11.00 pm – Went for a short drinking session

with these fellas.

All night long, Michelle couldn’t stop farting.

01.30 am – Went to Gurney’s roundabout to try out

Alan’s Gurney Corner

Burger. Still, I prefer Jelutong’s post office burger. Their portioning is much more than Alan’s.

02.30 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz