10D9N Melbourne Day 10 : Metlink Metcard Two Hour Ten, Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, Subway Sandwich, AirAsiaX Lamb Rendang Rice, Idkoop Passport Holder, AirAsia Mineral Water, Taste of Asia,


07.25 am – Woke up to the last breakfast in Melbourne.

Been loving the milk in Melbourne, tastes so much better!

All packed and ready to go.

Left the Metlink card on the table as

there were 2 more unused slots.

09.09 am – The station wagon taxi came and we loaded all our bags nicely into it.

Bye Melbourne CBD, I want to come back someday but only after I’ve been to all over the world. I might be 80 by the time I come back.

09.36 am – Reached Tullamarine airport.

Checked departure times for our flight back to KL. Status = Check in open.

There was already a crowd in front of us.

Trolley 1.

Trolley 2.

10.18 am – Checked in and got our boarding pass printed out.

Better than what you get in LCCT.

Proceeded to domestic departure hall

located in Terminal 1 as there are more

food options.

There’s Billie Chu,

Hudsons Coffee,

Nando’s and best of all


Was pretty hungry and lined up for my sandwich.

Chose ourselves the best seats in the restaurant.

My foot long.

~ah~ what a view!

Spotted Qantas and Air New Zealand, the first airline to come up with an exciting safety demonstration video, naked!

United Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

11.45 am – After we were done, we headed for the international departures terminal. Saw an Asian couple hugging tightly and the girl crying. *sob* *sob*.

Waited at Gate 4.

Caught a glimpse of our plane from where I was seated.

I’m liking the departure hall.

12.59 pm – The plane took off,

so did they.

02.58 pm – I woke up and wanted to buy their ePlayer for the trip

but turns out they had no more units left.

No songs or shows for me. =(

03.31 pm – Was bored.

Looked up the menu for things to eat.

Decided on a RM36

lamb rendang. Honestly, it was okay, but for RM36 is pushing it.

I wasn’t full enough so I ordered a packet of biscuits.

The view at 03.58 pm. I think we were somewhere above Indonesia.

06.29 pm – V bought herself a cute passport holder that

cost RM41 😯

07.05 pm – Dinner time!

As we had ordered our meals online,

it was kept warm for us.

Thumbs up for Smokey BBQ Chicken!!!!

The amount of water I drank throughout the 8 hour flight.


I noticed that the water that came with meals was 350ml and

the water that was bought a la carte contained more at 500ml.

Switched my watch

to 2 hours slower.