The Tuesday I Bought A Sunflower From Arcadia Florist


09.00 am – Had breakfast.

10.00 am – Effects from the greatest gift for cockroaches.

12.00 pm – Had lunch.

02.00 pm – Did mom a favour by changing her already worn out battery of the Proton remote control.

02.30 pm – Bought some 2016 batteries from Island Glades’s photo and entertainment centre.

03.00 pm – Went to Art Tune and Young Ones to look for a new kapok to

replace the rosak-ed one. Couldn’t find anymore kapoks.

03.30 pm – Went to Pulau Tikus’s Arcadia Florist to buy

a stalk of big ass sunflower.

08.30 pm – Went for badminton with these fellas.

Soo hoo pei ying. badminton ≠ ballet. No one angkat kaki so high wan la.

12.00 am – zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz