Funny My Days

The Thursday I Discovered That Khian Guan And Khong Guan Are Melamine Contaminated

09.00 am – Watched the LIVE 3rd and final US Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. Interesting stuff, I tell ya.

12.00 pm – Had lunch.

My favourite coffee of all time, Nescafe.

03.00 pm – Went to PISA to book us a badminton court.

The BIG ass main hall.

Paid RM20 for 2 hours’ worth of playing time

at PenEvents’s office.

04.30 pm – Discovered that the biscuits below are dangerous. Highly contaminated with melamine, the substance that leads to cancer, bladder, kidney, eye, skin and sex problems. Dangerous stuff, I tell ya. Here are several examples.

Khian Guan’s Break Away.

Khong Guan’s Sultana.

Khong Guan’s Lemon Puff.

White Rabbit.

05.00 pm – Project 1MA.

06.30 pm – Had Farveen’s nasi dalkandar for an early dinner.

08.30 pm – Badminton in PISA

with buddies. I didn’t like playing here as the floor was so slippery. Tarak grip langsung.

10.30 pm – Had supper at Khaleel USM with Elvis Presley

and this fella. (Gabe’s peminat wasn’t happy I took her picture)

Surprisingly, the padprik daging was actually nice.

My heart wanted to stop but my eyes were hungry. Turns out, Shawn’s encouragement to eat broke the deadlock for me. Bloody hell.

12.30 am – zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz