10D9N Melbourne Day 1 : Travel 3Sixty, LCCT, McDonald’s, OldTown White Coffee, Eraman Duty Free, AirAsiaX, Airbus A330, AirAsia Comfor Kit, Smokey BBQ Chicken, IndoMie

05.51 am – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast.

Bags packed and ready to go!

06.59 am – Reached Penang International Airport.

Put a luggage through security check.

Checked in and got our tickets.

The Leslie’s girlfriend, Leslie and Vivian.

07.50 am – Waited by the boarding gate.

08.20 am – By this time, we were up in the sky.

Due to watching the World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany.

Browsed through AirAsia’s awesome in flight magazine.

09.26 am – We landed.

Walking pass the looooooooooooooooooooong corridors

towards the arrival hall

of the low cost airport.

Took us 4 minutes.

09.43 am – After collecting our luggage (10 minutes),

we went to the always-full restaurant for a meal.

Ordered a McValue Sausage with muffin set.

After I was done with breakfast,

I took the an empty bottle and went to

get it refilled at 1 of 2 water fountains in LCCT.

This one was located opposite Starbucks.

11.03 am – Not long after, this girl arrived.

The 4 fellas traveling to Melbourne (plus me).

11.13 am – Started queuing up.

The yellow sticker was the one from Penang Airport. I only learned that you would have to go through LCCT’s security even though you may have passed the one in Penang.

11.35 am – 20 minutes later,

we arrived at the front.

Got our boarding pass and proceeded to OldTown,

one of my 2 favourite places for a meal in LCCT.

Hungry people.

Vivian searching for her

camera. One thing I liked about this trip was every one of us carried a camera, a total of 4, which was good as no one was left out in pictures. How I wished my circle of friends would carry a camera each time we go on trips. =(

Her meal.

My meal.

Bought boxes of cigarettes from Eraman’s duty free shop at the departure gate for friends in Melbourne.

12.34 pm – The LCD screen outside the departure gate.

Don’t really know what to say.


And so we waited outside till it was time

cause inside was already so damn packed.

01.25 pm – After about 1 hour of waiting, we finally boarded AirAsia’s Airbus A330. During my trips to Bangkok, Bali, Kota Kinabalu, etc, AirAsia only uses the smaller Airbus A320.

This is my first time on an aircraft so wide, by Airasia. It was 9 abreast with 3 at each aisle. The back was more spacious as it was only 7 abreast.

Even the menu was different.

Look at that. Huge variety.

Meals found only in the Airbus A330.

Drinks not found in the Airbus A320.

RM3 for a bottle of mineral water. Later, I found out that the mineral water bought a-la-carte was more in volume compared to the one that comes with the meal.

The snacks set.

Was pretty tempted to try the smoked chicken focaccia but wasn’t sure if it was filling enough.

01.45 pm – We took off.

As soon as the plane stabilized itself in the air, foreigners to Australia were given

the incoming passenger card, just like during Bali 2010, Bangkok 2008 and Bangkok 2009.

After that, the stewardesses started handing out the comfort kit which I bought online at for RM30.


10D9N Melbourne Day 0 : Australian Dollar, Mohd Abu Bakar Money Changer, Suan Hin Mini Market, Malabar Spinach, Luwak Coffee, Wallet, Malaysian Ringgit, Toiletries, Packed Travel Bag, Paul Coelho The Alchemist

Spent the entire morning a day before the eve of my holiday, calling the money changers around Masjid Kapitan Keling and Chulia Street to get the best exchange rate for MYR to AUD. Finally found one after calling almost 30 money changers around Penang.

02.40 pm – Changed RM9,000. Mr. Abu Bakar made lots of money today.

07.49 pm – Started packing.

Tried fitting everything into the luggage but found out it was impossible.


08.45 pm – Showered my doggy on the eve of the trip.

Took a walk down Lorong Delima 7 to

Suan Hin Mini Market and bought

200 grams worth of malabar spinach.

12.29 pm – Started preparing lunch.

2 weeks before a trip, one should take extra effort to build up one’s immune system and health by consuming vegetables as often as possible.

Half an hour later, lunch was served.

Luwak coffee for dessert. 👿

01.31 pm – Started prepping my wallet.

Took out irrelevant items and

exchanged them with relevant ones.

Rolled the extras up for tucking into somewhere safe around my body during the holiday.

02.50 pm – Called Maxis up to get the calling rates for roaming in Australia.

04.59 pm – Continued the second part of my packing.



05.01 pm – Printed out the itineraries, Circus Oz tickets, Phillip Island tickets and AirAsia’s flight info.

Printed out the ebook for reading on the 8 hour journey from KUL to MEL.

Clothes to be worn for the journey from PEN to KUL to MEL.

07.25 pm – Dinner was served.

I think I only managed 3 hours of sleep cause I was TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!