5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 0


The following are the stuff I brought with me for my trip to Kota Kinabalu.

2 hiking poles. A MUST. If you’ve stumbled upon this page and are heading to Mount Kinabalu, PLEASE make sure you have 2 and not 1 hiking pole. These 2 babies preserved my legs, KNEES especially. Of course you can still buy carved hiking sticks at Kinabalu Park for RM5 each but they are not as light as proper hiking poles. Moreover, these 2 hiking poles which I bought for RM16 each has shock absorbers that tremendously help you move better for hours after hours during ascend and descent.

Knee and ankle brace. A must for people with a history of injuries. I’ve injured my left ankle and right knee once before.

2 very important items for climbing Mount Kinabalu.

Milo wafer cubes. It doesn’t have to be those expensive type of energy bars. As long as it’s high in calories it will do.

Custard cream biscuits.

Instant cup noodles. A must as the packed lunch during ascend is shiteous. Of course you can only eat it once you reach Laban Rata as there aren’t hot water along the way.

16 pieces of medicated plasters for the 3 of us.

5 oral rehydration salts.

2 rows of paracetamol for pain relieve.

Tissue papers. There is not enough toilet paper at the mountain hostels.

Handkerchief. A definite must for people with chronic sinus issues. Your nose will run faster as you near the peak, as it gets colder and colder.

Apple cider vinegar. All-in-one anti bacteria, anti nausea, insect repellent, blister treatment.

My own tube of shampoo as I’m dandruff prone.

Rubber bands. You never know when you might need it.

Flip flops are the best choice as they are light. You’ll definitely need it when you reach Laban Rata.

The coolest rechargeable head lamp bought at only RM26.

The 13 LED bright-as-hell head lamp. A definite MUST during the ascend from Laban Rata to the Low’s Peak.

Extra thick gloves for keeping the hands warm and preventing rope burn.

The accessories.

A good quality windbreaker is important as it gets very windy and cold during the ascend to Low’s Peak. The temperature can be as low as 3ΒΊC.

Track bottoms.

2 pair of socks. Nothing more nothing less.

2 t-shirts.

Sweater No.1.

Sweater No.2.

2 shorts.

The clothes.

All rolled up into plastic bags. Rolling clothes save space and prevent wrinkles. The plastic bags are for protecting them from the rain.

I managed to fit all of the above into the bag. Total weight was about 5kg.

The Thursday I Made Applesauce


05.00 am – Woke up before the sun and birds to a very bad diarrhea.

09.42 am – Stuck to the BRATTY diet of Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast Tea Yoghurt.

Slept for as much as I could.

12.00 pm – Watched Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way.

04.38 pm – Started to make homemade applesauce.

First, remove the skin from the apple.

Then, decore it.

Next, slice the apple up into tiny chunks.

Throw them all into a pot and fill it with enough water.

Put it on top of a small to medium fire.

Let it cook for half an hour.

By then it should be soft.

Put in a pinch of brown sugar.

Put in an inch of cinnamon.

Mash the apples.

It should look something like this.

The reason why applesauce is preferred to apple is because the pectin levels are higher once you cook apples. We want pectin as it decreases stool weight.

05.18 pm – Late lunch.


08.19 pm – Dinner.

Yoghurt again, as it is the most important item that replenishes the good bacteria in the intestines.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Tuesday I Cooked Chicken Soup And Barley For The First Time In My Life


04.00 am – Woke up but lied down with my eyes closed. Just couldn’t seem to go back to sleep.

08.00 am – Breakfasted.

Still under the BRAT diet.

08.30 am – Went grocerying in Tesco.

Bought a carton of eggs,

2 bunches of bananas,

5 packets of oral rehydrations salts and several other secret ingredients for my chicken soup and barley 😈

09.30 am – Took a sachet of ors.

Started with the barley first. Chucked in a 7-8 batangs of sugar melons into the barley pot.

Skinned these 2 pieces of chicken and

chucked them into the slow cooker to make chicken soup πŸ˜‰

12.00 pm – Showered. After moving everything into the car, I headed southwards.

Was kinda jam after The CEO apartments part on the coastal highway. Found out later on that an overturned lorry was the cause of the jam.

01.00 pm – Had lunch.

Brat, brat, brat.

Barley! ~fuh. I tell you, it was that good πŸ‘Ώ

01.30 pm – Made a few new friends.

Everyone, say “Hi” to Horny the cute vampire,

Hohoemi the cute Japanese female monster and

(hohoemi = smile in Japanese)

Rub Me Here the cheeky devil.

04.30 pm – Finally, after 6 long hours of waiting, the chicken soup was ready for consumption.


05.00 pm – Went home. Surfed around.

07.30 pm – Had dinner. Introduced some other variety into my very plain diet.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

The Monday Where The Egg White Remedy Blew Away My Fever


08.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

09.30 am – Updated famouschris.

10.30 am – Got distracted by facebook and friendster.

Blog hopped to Fireangel, TimothyTiah, KennySia, Mhyshael, WeeLiem, Mysticeline, TvSmith, chanlilian, rockybru.

11.00 am – Continued updating famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunched.

12.30 pm – Was feeling as dizzy as hell. Left it all and went to bed.

02.30 pm – Woke up. Was still feeling feverish. Read RPK’s It’s All In The Game, soccernet.

03.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.00 pm – Was feeling dizzy so I just napped. Again.

06.00 pm – Woke up. Fever still high. Checked online and found a home remedy for fever that worked for hundreds of others. Couldn’t find the thermometer, so I had to wait till mum got home. I wanted to try the egg white wrapped around legs thingy out but not without proof.

Checked out videos of yesterday night’s Protes rally by Anwar.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

07.00 pm – Couldn’t stand it anymore. Went down the road myself to buy dinner, a thermometer and 10 pieces of eggs.

07.30 pm – Ate up my fish porridge.

After that I separated 4 egg whites from the yolks.

07.50 pm – Began my experiment.

First temperature taken.

Dipped two thin handkerchiefs into the bowl of egg whites and swirled it around, making sure that it’s evenly distributed. Then, I wrapped my right leg

and left

before wrapping them with a pair of socks on top. Instantly, I felt my feet starting to burn.

However, half an hour later…

my temperature rose! WTF?

08.30 pm – Watched Steve Carell in Saturday Night Live.

Another half an hour later, it dropped 0.1 degree Celsius.

09.00 pm – Stopped watching. The jokes are just not getting through to me.

Another half an hour later, it dropped 0.3 degree Celsius.

And another, dropping significantly by 1.1 degree Celsius. I was feeling pretty damn happy at this point.

09.55 pm – Until….. I puked fish porridge.


The stomach acid passing through is making the sore at my throat tear through my skin!

Avoided solids after that episode. Took a sachet of ORS.

Took another reading. My temperature rose back up to 38.4Β°C

@[email protected]

10.15 pm – I couldn’t care less. Was feeling too dizzy and pissed off. Slept with the egg white hankies on my feet in Tesco plastic bags with socks on.

11.50 am – Woke up. Took off the egg white stuff.

Took a reading and surprise, surprise~!

Lowest reading of the day.

It worked. The egg white fever remedy really works!

12.00 am – Slept back straight away after measuring. Happily =)