10D9N Melbourne Day 10 : Metlink Metcard Two Hour Ten, Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, Subway Sandwich, AirAsiaX Lamb Rendang Rice, Idkoop Passport Holder, AirAsia Mineral Water, Taste of Asia,


07.25 am – Woke up to the last breakfast in Melbourne.

Been loving the milk in Melbourne, tastes so much better!

All packed and ready to go.

Left the Metlink card on the table as

there were 2 more unused slots.

09.09 am – The station wagon taxi came and we loaded all our bags nicely into it.

Bye Melbourne CBD, I want to come back someday but only after I’ve been to all over the world. I might be 80 by the time I come back.

09.36 am – Reached Tullamarine airport.

Checked departure times for our flight back to KL. Status = Check in open.

There was already a crowd in front of us.

Trolley 1.

Trolley 2.

10.18 am – Checked in and got our boarding pass printed out.

Better than what you get in LCCT.

Proceeded to domestic departure hall

located in Terminal 1 as there are more

food options.

There’s Billie Chu,

Hudsons Coffee,

Nando’s and best of all


Was pretty hungry and lined up for my sandwich.

Chose ourselves the best seats in the restaurant.

My foot long.

~ah~ what a view!

Spotted Qantas and Air New Zealand, the first airline to come up with an exciting safety demonstration video, naked!

United Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

11.45 am – After we were done, we headed for the international departures terminal. Saw an Asian couple hugging tightly and the girl crying. *sob* *sob*.

Waited at Gate 4.

Caught a glimpse of our plane from where I was seated.

I’m liking the departure hall.

12.59 pm – The plane took off,

so did they.

02.58 pm – I woke up and wanted to buy their ePlayer for the trip

but turns out they had no more units left.

No songs or shows for me. =(

03.31 pm – Was bored.

Looked up the menu for things to eat.

Decided on a RM36

lamb rendang. Honestly, it was okay, but for RM36 is pushing it.

I wasn’t full enough so I ordered a packet of biscuits.

The view at 03.58 pm. I think we were somewhere above Indonesia.

06.29 pm – V bought herself a cute passport holder that

cost RM41 😯

07.05 pm – Dinner time!

As we had ordered our meals online,

it was kept warm for us.

Thumbs up for Smokey BBQ Chicken!!!!

The amount of water I drank throughout the 8 hour flight.


I noticed that the water that came with meals was 350ml and

the water that was bought a la carte contained more at 500ml.

Switched my watch

to 2 hours slower.

10D9N Melbourne Day 7 : Phillip Island, San Remo Bakehouse, Cape Woolamai, A Maze N Things, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, Kristo’s, Fairy Penguins, Penguin Parade, Hungry Jacks


06.17 am – Woke up. Damn early. And started boiling eggs for the rest.

Oats for myself and


09.05 am – We hit the road.

2nd driver of the day.

10.01 am – Stopped right at the border of Phillip Island.

Got out of the car.

Me and Vivian by the bridge connecting San Remo with Phillip Island.



San Remo Bakehouse where we had our breakfast.

I think we were one of the first few customers of the day.

Leslie and Adrian’s breakfast.

Soo Yee’s breakfast.

My apple cream bun and

hot coffee that came with a cookie.



Having fun by the anchor.

Gave away a kiss before crossing the bridge.

11.00 am – Arrived at Cape Woolamai, which was supposed to be a surfer’s paradise.

Parked our car. We were the only ones there that morning.

Walked towards the beach.

The speed of the waters around the area.

View on the left.

View on the right.

The very empty stretch of beach.

Adrian by the beach.

A bear by the beach.



“Hmm… what’s for lunch today?”


11.27 am – Arrived at one of the most interesting places in Phillip Island.

The awesome house of optical illusion called “A Maze ‘N Things”.

I think it would be easier if it was kept simple to just ‘Amazing Things’ instead.

The cafe.

Playing with the mini gold digger by the entrance outside.

After we were done fooling around with the stuff outside, we went in.

Bought our tickets and started our interesting journey in the most interesting building I’ve ever come across in my life.

Optical illusion pictures on the wall.

Even from looking at the picture below, I could feel the circles moving.

Mirror of illusions.

The gravity room.

Built at a 45 degree angle.

The water was flowing out non stop through the sides.

The sliding chair.


The big, medium, small room.

10D9N Melbourne Day 1 : Travel 3Sixty, LCCT, McDonald’s, OldTown White Coffee, Eraman Duty Free, AirAsiaX, Airbus A330, AirAsia Comfor Kit, Smokey BBQ Chicken, IndoMie


05.51 am – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast.

Bags packed and ready to go!

06.59 am – Reached Penang International Airport.

Put a luggage through security check.

Checked in and got our tickets.

The Leslie’s girlfriend, Leslie and Vivian.

07.50 am – Waited by the boarding gate.

08.20 am – By this time, we were up in the sky.

Due to watching the World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany.

Browsed through AirAsia’s awesome in flight magazine.

09.26 am – We landed.

Walking pass the looooooooooooooooooooong corridors

towards the arrival hall

of the low cost airport.

Took us 4 minutes.

09.43 am – After collecting our luggage (10 minutes),

we went to the always-full restaurant for a meal.

Ordered a McValue Sausage with muffin set.

After I was done with breakfast,

I took the an empty bottle and went to

get it refilled at 1 of 2 water fountains in LCCT.

This one was located opposite Starbucks.

11.03 am – Not long after, this girl arrived.

The 4 fellas traveling to Melbourne (plus me).

11.13 am – Started queuing up.

The yellow sticker was the one from Penang Airport. I only learned that you would have to go through LCCT’s security even though you may have passed the one in Penang.

11.35 am – 20 minutes later,

we arrived at the front.

Got our boarding pass and proceeded to OldTown,

one of my 2 favourite places for a meal in LCCT.

Hungry people.

Vivian searching for her

camera. One thing I liked about this trip was every one of us carried a camera, a total of 4, which was good as no one was left out in pictures. How I wished my circle of friends would carry a camera each time we go on trips. =(

Her meal.

My meal.

Bought boxes of cigarettes from Eraman’s duty free shop at the departure gate for friends in Melbourne.

12.34 pm – The LCD screen outside the departure gate.

Don’t really know what to say.


And so we waited outside till it was time

cause inside was already so damn packed.

01.25 pm – After about 1 hour of waiting, we finally boarded AirAsia’s Airbus A330. During my trips to Bangkok, Bali, Kota Kinabalu, etc, AirAsia only uses the smaller Airbus A320.

This is my first time on an aircraft so wide, by Airasia. It was 9 abreast with 3 at each aisle. The back was more spacious as it was only 7 abreast.

Even the menu was different.

Look at that. Huge variety.

Meals found only in the Airbus A330.

Drinks not found in the Airbus A320.

RM3 for a bottle of mineral water. Later, I found out that the mineral water bought a-la-carte was more in volume compared to the one that comes with the meal.

The snacks set.

Was pretty tempted to try the smoked chicken focaccia but wasn’t sure if it was filling enough.

01.45 pm – We took off.

As soon as the plane stabilized itself in the air, foreigners to Australia were given

the incoming passenger card, just like during Bali 2010, Bangkok 2008 and Bangkok 2009.

After that, the stewardesses started handing out the comfort kit which I bought online at AirAsia.com for RM30.

Pre KL 2009 Trip


08.53 am – Had oats and

a big red dragon fruit for breakfast.

Actually, this alone is already super filling.

11.06 am – Watched Inception’s trailer.

12.27 pm – Had lunch.

05.36 pm – Prepared Gim & Steph’s wedding gift. Guys, have you seen it yet?

The wedding invite.

Started packing for tomorrow’s trip down to KL. The day clothes.

The night clothes.

Plain & comfortable home clothes.




Money. (I have a feeling this is not enough :twisted:)

07.41 pm – Went to Jason’s BIG ASS house warming at Seri Tanjung Pinang. His bedroom is SO BIG it has 2 toilets. Maleh. 👿

Average-y food.

11.00 pm – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Friday I Think Penang Free School’s Mamak Has Retired


08.31 am – Had breakfast.

08.42 am – “Dear God, please make PBA close the water pipes for maintenance. Please please please.”

10.06 am – Dropped by Penang Free School for some awesome original nasi kandar but

I think the fella has retired.

12.23 pm – Lunch.

06.03 pm – Had a pear for afternoon break.

07.19 pm – Went to Gurney food court’s most delicious stall for dinner.

Maggi goreng tomyam.

Ayam goreng kunyit.

Ayam padprik.

Sambal belacan.


09.15 pm – 2012. Had a bad experience again. Damn noisy non-stop talking assholes seated behind. Couldn’t really concentrate.

12.16 am – Supper.

02.00 am – zzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

The Thursday We Celebrated Samantha Ong’s Birthday In Zenzibar


09.11 am – Breakfast.


10.37 am – Realized my toilet leaking while flushin.

Traced the source of the leak to this rubber thingy.

11.21 am – Learned how to bone a chicken.

12.14 pm – Learned how girls make up before clubbing.

12.36 pm – Lunch.

05.16 pm – Afternoon break.

06.15 pm – Power Training @ Zero Fitness.

07.58 pm – Stir fried bean sprouts,

stir fried glass noodles and

chilli tuna for


09.52 pm – Zenzibar for Samantha Ong’s, the boss’s, birthday.

The simple buffet spread.

Photographer of the night.

With Boon the waiter in black.

Cutie of the night.

With the birthday girl.

An empty tower.

Jugs of beer.

Ben enjoying himself.

03.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Tuesday I Started Exploring Fundsupermart


08.57 am – Had kaya toasts and

oats for breakfast.

10.00 am – Free Tall Brewed Coffee at all Starbucks stores! 10am-12pm

12.33 pm – Lunch.

Caffeine fix.

04.44 pm – Afternoon break.

07.21 pm – Started exploring fundsupermart.

07.43 pm – Had sardines,

steamed fish,

stir fried cucumber,

lady’s fingers and

steamed egg for


12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

Monday, 5th Of October 2009


08.47 am – Banana toasts,

oats and

soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

11.27 am – Checked out the next generation web application for communication.

12.48 pm – Had last night’s leftovers for lunch.

01.27 pm – Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood 26

04.44 pm – Kaya toasts and

grapes with yoghurt for afternoon break.

08.16 pm – Stir fried vegetables,

thick gravy pork,

steamed fish and

teriyaki roasted chicken

for dinner.

12.00 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

The Friday I Ate Trengganu Road Klang Bak Kut Teh


08.16 am – Made more applesauce.


08.59 am – Showered this fella.

12.40 pm – Rice and bananas, part of the BRATTY diet I’m on cause of diarrhea.

1.15 pm – The Proposal @ home.

FC Rating : 6.5/10.

05.28 pm – Banana toasts for afternoon break.

07.48 pm – Broke the rules and tried Trengganu Road’s Klang Bak Kut Teh for the first time. Conclusion, I’m not coming back here in future. The portioning is small. The fair Chinese lady is not friendly. When I asked for additional soup, I only get a small refill. Super Lai Lai was the best in Penang. I’ve not been able to find a replacement since they left.

The garlic soy sauce.

Bowl for 2.

I wasn’t satisfied.

Their namecard.

Their location.

09.30 pm – Fringe s02e03.

10.15 pm – Lie To Me s02e01.

12.00 am – zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz