3D2N Muar Day 3 : My Budget Inn, Otak Otak Daily Happy


09.09 am – Woke up and went down to My Budget Inn’s My Budget Cafe for breakfast.

Eggs, toast, coffee and

tuna sandwiches.

All for RM7.50.

10.00 am – Played with Kar Fei’s iPhone4 while waiting for everyone to pack up and leave.

10.55 am – Checked out.

The prices of the room. Cheapest I have ever stayed in. Thanks Ching Hwa!

11.13 pm – Went into town for brunch.

Decided on Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Yong Kee.

Walked over to a fried oyster stall in another coffee shop with

this fella and

ordered RM6 worth of fried oyster.

Ah pek doing his stuff.

Only found 1 oyster. Full of flour. RM6 my ass.

Otak otak sticks.

Walked over to the stall we had drinks in after Ching Hwa’s wedding last night.

Bought myself a drink.

Jars of pops and pulps.

Sour plum juice with sour plum pop.

12.27 pm – Went over to the source of the most delicious otak otak in the world called Otak Otak Daily Happy.

Can you please send stock to me in Penang every Friday?

Bought myself 3 packets of fish and 3 packets of prawns flavoured otak otak.

Everybody bought at least 4 packets.

01.13 pm – After we bid farewell to Ching Hwa, we continued on with our journey back to reality =(

02.07 pm – Stopping by to refuel.

03.20 pm – Arrived in LCCT, 30 minutes before our plane departed. Luckily, I’ve already checked us in 6 days ago and printed out the itinerary.

I was surprised to see so so so so so many people in the domestic departure gates.

04.21 pm – Another contest to win ^.^

3D2N Muar Day 1 : AirAsia Boarding Pass, Travel 3 Sixty, Shandong Peanuts, KLIA Transit, KLIA-LCCT, My Budget Inn


03.04 pm – Started packing 2 hours before flight.

04.14 pm – Arrived at Penang International Airport

with this fella 45 minutes before our flight departed.

Cool thing was, I had already checked in both of us 4 days ago and printed out the boarding pass.

So we just walked into the departure gate and waited for our plane to arrive.

How convenient!

05.10 pm – I liked the fact that AirAsia uses the loading bridge when it rains in Penang International Airport.

05.22 pm – It was cool to get to read October’s Travel 3 Sixty barely 5 days after I read September’s version during 5D4N Philippines.

It would be cool to have your face there. Really. Cool.

Jian Loong immersed in the travel articles.

05.50 pm – Had my favourtie RM2 Shandong Peanuts snack on board.

06.30 pm – Landed.

Went straight to the KLIA Transit counter which was closed.

Then proceeded to bus stand no.6 where the buses are.

So we just bought a ticket from

the person sitting down at the at bus stand

and waited until 6.55pm

before we boarded the bus.

07.26 pm – Arrived at Stesen Salak Selatan KLIA Transit.

07.37 pm – Boarded the super fast train to/from KLIA and KL Sentral.

07.49 pm – 10 minutes later, we arrived in Stesen Putrajaya/Cyberjaya KLIA Transit and were met by Boon Keat and Chim.

08.06 pm – We wasted no time and traveled straight to Kian Haw’s new house.

08.26 pm – Hung around until it was time to meet the rest in

McDonald’s for dinner.

11.33 pm – After 2½ hours of driving, we arrived at My Budget Inn in Muar, Johor.

The entrance.

The hallway to the rooms.

Kar Fei and my room for the next 2 nights.

12.27 am – After settling down, a few of us went over to Ching Hwa the groom’s house to see him and catch up.

We also watched the video that was shown during the wedding in Klang a week back.

01.07 am – Dropped by 7 Eleven for bottled water before heading back for some sleep.