5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 3 : Mount Kinabalu, Laban Rata, Low’s Peak, Donkey Ears Peak, South Peak, Low’s Galley, Sayat Sayat Check Point, The Waterfront, Tiger Crystal, Cock And Bull Bistro, Tuaran Mee


01.30 am – Woke up, brushed my teeth and found my way to the eating area.

It was so damn cold at the time.


02.30 am – With our gear and everything ready,

we started our miserable 3 hour journey up to Low’s Peak, the highest point in Mount Kinabalu.

The head torch is a MUST for without it, all we could see in front of us was darkness. And oh yeah, looking up into the sky, you could see like a BEZILLION stars shining down on you. It’s definitely a sight to behold at.

For most parts of the journey, there is a rope that definitely prevents you from getting lost.

04.30 am – It took us almost 2 hours to get from Laban Rata to the last check point before Mount Kinabalu, Sayat Sayat.

Along the way, we could see so many people giving up.

If you asked me whether if climbing Mount Kinabalu was hard, I’d say it was VERY HARD.

There were so many times where I really wanted to give up and turn around.

It was SUPER cold, the air had SUPER little oxygen making you tired easily, and as we neared the top, we walked slower and slower, more like baby steps.

I think all that didn’t matter when the goal of reaching the top overshadowed the obstacles along the way.

Having good friends around helped ease the journey too.

Unless of course you are from Ireland like Mark is, the coldness would be nothing to you.

05.30 am – Reached Low’s Peak, the top of the top.

Just as the sun was taking a peak.

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The spectacular view of the sunrise.

The very beautiful bed of clouds by South Peak.

The view from up there after the sun comes up is just magnificent.

The line of people towards the top of Low’s Peak.

Mountain rocks all around.

The only type of plants found at the top.

Walking towards the clouds.

Saw Low’s Gulley, went inside and saw


By the clouds.

Donkey ears peak.

I just can’t stop taking pictures of the clouds. Really.

The last signage before reaching the peak.

South peak.

And I kept snapping…

Reached back to Sayat Sayat check point.

Telephone booths.

This was the route where you just had to abseil down.

Pretty dangerous yet exciting.

Going down steps.

Walking along the rocks.

If you fall, bye bye.

The route got better and


Stopping for a picture.

5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 2 : Mount Kinabalu, Timpohon Trail, Laban Rata


05.30 am – Woke up to a nice big cup of energy drink.

And so did Gayfrey and


06.10 am – All packed up and ready to go!

Walking to Balsam Cafe to get our breakfast.

Round 1 of 3.

Dear God, give me strength to stay macho and meet hotties along the way.

Ah, done with breakfast.

07.11 am – Collected our packed lunch,

paid for the return transport to Timpohon gate from Kinabalu Park HQ and

collected our tags.

The weather stayed awesome!

07.30 am – Us with our guide, Petrus ‘Jalan Dulu’ Soudi. The coolest guide in our opinion. From the beginning till the end, Petrus will always be following us for 5 minutes, then stops for a smoke, and then catch up to us and follow us for another 5 minutes and stop for a smoke, and it went on and on the entire journey! Usually when he wants to stop he’ll just say ‘Jalan Dulu’. To be able to catch up to us in lightning speed, I think Petrus must’ve been a reincarnated horse.

Toilet break.

Walking to the hut by the gate.

The hut.

6 km of uphill. Don’t mess around, man. Between easy, medium and hard, climbing Kinabalu is actually VERY HARD. No joke.

Did a bit of stretching.

The only downhill flight of steps we encountered during the ascent. The only.

The only bridge we encountered.

Our last picture taken together. (The 3 of us got separated 5 minutes later)

The view along the way was pretty okay at the beginning,

as after that, all you’re gonna see along the ways are steps,

and steps.

One of the very many locals who carried tens of kilograms of supply on their backs up to Laban Rata just for us. She’s a reminder to eat every last bit of rice and drop of drink that we take.

Very high steps.

08.20 am – Took us about 20 minutes to scale the first kilometer and boy was it hard!

Gayfrey at 1.5km.

08.50 am – Half an hour for the 2nd kilometer.

Signboards along the way to keep you on track.

Taking a break at LowII shelter, the 2nd of 7 shelters along the way.

Tank of unfiltered water found in every hut. Later, I discovered that the higher the shelter, the cleaner the water.

At the fork to rtm station.

09.10 am – At 2.5km.

I noticed that the steps started to get pretty rocky.

09.20 am – At 3km.

At Mempening shelter. The 4th of 7 between Laban Rata and Timpohon gate.

We stopped a bit longer, about 10 minutes, cause we played with squirrels.

09.50 am – At 3.5km.

Meanwhile, somewhere below, John was having fun by himself.

10.02 am – Reached Layang Layang hut, the 5th shelter, which was almost 4km into our journey. This was the point where Timpohon trail meets Mesilau trail.

We were super hungry and so we stopped for a snack. We ate 4 bars total.

10.12 am – At 4km.

The meeting point of the 2 trails.

Another pic.

From here onwards, the path become pretty rocky.

The only concern was grip, as the rocks were wet and slippery.

We realized that we must be in the clouds as we’re surrounded by mist.

I’m Almost 100% Recovered On Tuesday


08.30 am – Woke up. Was craving for wan than mee.

So I bought it.

wan than mee

09.30 am – Showered. Dropped by Facebook, Soccernet, Malaysia Today, fireangel. Buang roket sampai pening @[email protected]

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

The new iPhone 3G launched at a bloody unbelievable price of $US 199!! MCB!

iphone 3g

Surely it’s less than RM 1000. Surely. I’m on for it man. So on!

12.30 pm – Lunch.

Economy dishes.

economy dishes

Cabbage soup.

cabbage soup

After lunch, I sliced myself some watermelon.



01.00 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

02.30 pm – Nap.

04.30 pm – Discovered that there’s actually a promotion going on for the Penang-Kota Kinabalu route in AirAsia’s Megasale. The best set of days for the Mount Kinabalu trip is from the 12th(Fri) to 16th(Tue) of September. And.. at the time of checking, there are only 4 promotion seats left.

airasia penang kota kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu. Jom pijak!

mount kinabalu

06.00 pm – Watched a few music videos.

Came across this.. and became addicted to it! (bobbed my head as I was listening to it)

*bob* *bob* *bob*

I ‘heart’ house ^.^

07.30 pm – I wanted to buy fish porridge again, but the stall was closed. So I went to buy the next healthiest thing….

claypot chicken rice!

claypot chicken rice

Some jambu for dessert.


08.30 pm – CS.

09.00 pm – Showered. Read this very long open letter to mahathir, dug up by Daryl the kang tau man.

09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

11.00 pm – Discovered Audition Dance Online.

I practically cried.

12.00 am – …zzzzzzZZZZzzzz…..