The Tuesday I Did A Step by Step On How To Make Tomato Tea


08.30 am – Had butter kaya bread for breakfast.

10.00 am – Was down with serious flu. Decided to make

a cup of tomato tea. Perfectly natural and it cures blocked nose. For REAL.

12.30 pm – Lunch.

01.30 pm – Helped buy a set of computer and

a monitor for my cousin at

Pc Depot.

02.30 pm – Went grocerying.

Bought these.

06.00 pm – Round 2 of tomato tea. Below were the steps taken.

First, take 5 cloves of garlic and

flatten them.

The reason is

to remove the dry skin easily.

Chopped garlic. Good for dissolving an accumulation of mucus in the sinus cavities, bronchial tubes and the lungs.

If you don’t have a chopping board available, you can always use the ass of a cup.

Half of a lemon. I only needed a quarter. Of course, you can always add or subtract the portion of each ingredient as you like.

Chopped it into half and got my quarter.

Chopped the quarter into half

for to squeeze out vitamin C efficiently.

Recyclable stuff you can use to make a cup of honey lemon drink.

A bottle of cayenne pepper. It clears sinus congestion, conjunctivitis, and spongy, bleeding gums.

Hot stuff if you’re not used to it.

Personally, 12 shakes more or less suits my taste.

It may not, for you.

Last but not least, the tomato juice. Has very, very high natural vitamin C content. Very.

Propped open a can and

start pouring.

Take a spoon and

stir. The tomato tea is now ready. Easy to do, isn’t it?

06.30 pm – Watched the trailer for NFS Shift.

07.00 pm – How the low IQ Malaysian Police do things that don’t make sense.

08.30 pm – Went over to Gembira Parade’s

Chikuma for some Japanese food.

Decided to go with teriyaki chicken.

The rice.

The chicken.

The watermelon.

The miso soup.

The set meal.

11.00 pm – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 10.

12.00 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Saturday Where Pamela Song Caught My Attention


12.00 pm – Woke up. My throat sill felt okay, but I knew it was coming. I just couldn’t keep my mind off my throat.

12.30 pm – CS.

01.00 pm – I never knew who she was. The first time I heard of her was when Shawn said that either Mr or Mrs Song said something about their daughter, Pamela Song, mentioning that she may have heard of the name ‘Shawn Chin’ before ^.~

One day, while fooling around with innit, I noticed the posts of this someone called ‘pamsong‘ always appearing in the top 10. I gave her blog link to Shawn to verify and he confirmed it with me that it was Mr Kenny Song’s daughter’s blog (hahaha. damn. how cool is that?). Didn’t know that she was such a celebrity.

I’ve to admit. Pam, I’ve been dropping by. And….. I find you cheeky yet outgoing, blur yet sociable.

This picture below made me imagine you in leather jackets and a boots to go, in a concert leading the crowd with your powerful voice..


pamela song

So cool lah! Rock on!!
(Actually this short write up is the ‘feature-back’ for this blog entry)

01.30 pm – Left to sell off my old monitor to Mr Hariman. Met him at Fort Cornwalis. Mr Hariman, I thought you were a young working adult. Was so surprised to see your 2 kids. May the monitor be of more use to you than I.

The old CRT. Sold it for RM90.

samsung syncmaster

02.30 pm – Lunch at New World Park.

On my left.

new world park

On my right.

new world park

Had chicken teppanyaki.

chicken teppanyaki

04.00 pm – Assembled at Belissa Row’s Coffee Bean for some fun time chit chatting.

On my left.

coffee bean belissa row

On my right.

coffee bean belissa row

When I went out to top up the parking meter, I saw an old lady being helped into the ‘Pertahanan Awam’ van. I think she fell off her motorbike. But shouldn’t it be an ambulance?

pertahanan awam

Left at 6.30 pm.

coffee bean belissa row winding staircase

07.00 pm – Dinner at Gurney Plaza’s Sushi King.

On my left.

sushi king gurney plaza

On my right.

sushi king gurney plaza

My yasai itame soba and

yasai itame soba

california roll.

california roll

08.00 pm – Actually, my tummy already felt uncomfortable after Coffee Bean. It was after Sushi King that it became worse. Bought myself some chi kit pills. Was undecided on whether to go MOIS or not.

Teck Aun’s chi kit pills.

chi kit pills

09.00 pm – While driving home, I decided that my health was more important than fun. I felt helpless as I was gonna miss out on some tonight. Geoffrey’s back from KL and I always enjoyed seeing his theatrics in clubs. As I sms-ed the star performers, I felt a bit of regret inside. Oh well, there will always be a next time. And Bangkok’s just 13 days away ^.^

09.30 pm – Showered. Updated famouschris.

11.00 am – I wanted to get well. I missed being healthy. I went to google out home remedies for sore throat. Found this. When I couldn’t find any cayenne pepper in the kitchen, I drove to Tesco.

I bought a mini tube of vaseline and a small bottle of mccormick’s cayenne pepper.

lip vaseline, mccormick cayenne pepper

The warning on the website said to use only 1/8 teaspoon. I think this looks more 1/4 than 1/8.

quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper

Mixed it in.

diluted cayenne pepper

After squeezing out a lil vaseline, I applied it on my lips and started gargling. Continued doing so every 15 minutes till I slept. (I’m feeling hopeful about it)


12.30 am – While in the car today, Anthony saw a hawk/eagle and asked a pretty interesting question.

How do you tell an eagle from a hawk?

Answer. (Look at the privates. Nolah. =P) Actually, mature eagles have a wider wing span than mature hawks. This is because hawks are more aerodynamic. Bald eagles have the characteristic white head and tail, whereas hawks are generally various shades of brown, with some having very light colored undersides.





01.30 am – Felt hungry.

Made some milk and ate some chipsmore.

midnight snack

02.00 am – Dormar.

Had some vitamin C before I slept. Cannas, this is the Redoxon Effervescent vitamin C that I was talking about.

redoxon effervescent

Each tablet contained 1000mg of pure vitamin C.

redoxon effervescent tablet

It sizzles.

cup of water redoxon effervescent vitamin c