The Thursday I Tried Lebuh Carnarvon’s Noodle Soup


08.30 pm – Woke up to a glass of soy bean milk and

tuna sandwich.

11.00 am – Dad brought Mom and I for breakfast at Carnavon Street market’s noodle soup / curry mee stall

located somewhere at the outer middle part

of the market.

My bowl of noodle soup.

12.30 pm – Wasn’t feeling really well. Spent the whole day sleeping.

07.00 pm – Hopped on over to Tanjung Bungah’s Sri Ananda Bahwan for a change of environment.

It’s a branch off the main one in town, located exactly opposite Sandy Bay Paradise Hotel.

The environment of this branch looks more pleasing to the eye compared to the one in town. You get to sit in mini personal huts and

see managers scooping out dirt from the fountain bed.

Surprisingly, the price of the items here is the same as the main one in town.

A good example is the common banana leaf vegetarian meal.

Ordered a mango lassi,

a fragrant rice phonggol and

a piece of garlic naan which by the way goes very well with all the three dips provided.

09.00 pm – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Monday I Drank Tomato Tea


10.30 am – Woke up.

11.30 pm – Surfed around.

01.00 pm – Lunch.

02.00 pm – Tried fixing utorrent problem.

Had apples while fixing.

04.00 pm – Updated famouschris.

Honey rice cakes while updating.

05.00 pm – Read RPK’s “How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar“.

06.00 pm – Hiking to 84. Only realized I wore pocketless shorts after arriving. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

07.30 pm – Banana Leaf Rice @ Passions of Kerala.

The 4 side dishes are refillable, as well as the rice.

Mango lassi. Both delicious and healthy.

I rarely eat bittergourd as it tastes, well, bitter. However, deep fried bittergourd tastes nice. And so I only eat bittergourd in banana leaf restaurants. Actually the same goes to brinjal. Only thin-sliced deep fried ones. Like in the picture below. The third dish at the bottom is my favourite. Mutton Marsala.

10.00 pm – Went to Tesco to buy V8 (macam enjin kereta)which is actually tomato juice blended with 7 other vegetables. V8 is actually the main ingredient to the #1 Remedy To Cure Severe Sinus Congestion, which I have been suffering from the past few nights.

10.30 pm – Showered.

11.00 pm – Prepared the ingredients.

Grouped the 4 together for a group pic.

First, chop 4 cloves of garlic.

Secondly, shake 10 shakes of cayenne pepper, double or triple it if you can stand it.

Thirdly, squeeze 2 tablespoons of lime and empty a can of V8 into the cup.

Lastly, stir and drink slowly, having the mixture rest at the back of the throat for 2-3 seconds before swallowing.

12.00 am – Updated famouschris.

02.30 am – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz