10D9N Melbourne Day 9 : Churros, Spanish Donuts, Queen Victoria Market, Bratwurst, Direct Factory Outlet, DFO, Crowne Melbourne, Burger Edge, The Okker, Luggage Scale, Bak Kut Teh


09.28 am – Woke up the 9th day of our 10 day trip. =(

09.41 am – Arrived in Queen Victoria Market to do our souvenir shopping.

Spent an entire hour walking around the entire place.

10.39 am – This time, it’s Churros! I’ve just checked out the recipe online and it doesn’t seem hard to do.

My turn!

The senor.

Spanish donuts.

Long, doughy and sprinkled with sugar icing.

Went to the food court again.

Stopped by Cafe Ren and

bought myself a cappuccino.

Decided on a bratwurst for breakfast.

Rows after rows of sausages.

Awesome sauces.

Ladies and gentlemen, bratwurst.

Sat outside in the cold, cold morning just like any normal Australian would do.

Our last breakfast outdoors. =(

01.07 pm – Etihad stadium behind us.


The walkway divided into two. One for pedestrians and another for cyclists.

The super HUGE Melbourne Exhibition Center.

By the shipyard.

I present to you, the river!

Arrived at South Wharf’s DFO.

Direct Factory Outlet is a place where you could get awesomely priced discounted clothes from branded stores like





Lorna Jane,

Cotton On (this was where V bought a $2 top and $5 shoes. Siao!),





Nine West,

Burberry (I’m getting my trenchcoat one day),

Armani and many more.

Realized that there was an open wound due to the friction of my watch’s crown.

03.45 pm – Continued walking towards Crown.

Crowne Plaza.

03.48 pm Ta da! Shawn Chin‘s favourite spot.

Stopped by Burger Edge in Crowne.

I only want the highly recommended ‘Okker’.

The oatmeal filled bun looked most healthy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Okker.

06.13 pm – Started packing for the travel back to Malaysia.

=( Chris ♥ Melbourne (in winter).

This tiny portable hand held luggage is the best souvenier ever.

06.53 pm – Started preparing for dinner.

Cooked rice.

Bak kut teh in Melbourrne.

Masterchef Adrian Lim cooks bak kut teh for you.

Getting ready to dig in.


Thanks Adrian for the bak kut teh!

11.07 pm – We had to get ourselves

a milk product to help drown the bak kut teh breath.

And off we went to Kittens for our first ever experience. 😈

10D9N Melbourne Day 8 : European Masters Stadel Museum, National Gallery Victoria, Chook Bar Lilydale Free Range Charcoal Chicken, St Kilda Pier, Palais Theatre, Luna Park, Shrine Of Remembrance, Ocean King Chinatown, TenRen’s Tea Station, The Elephant And Wheelbarrow, The Carlton Rooftop Bar, Carlton Draught, Fat Yak, Cascade Green, Kronenbourg 1664, Pure Blonde, Minh Xuong


08.35 am – Woke up to another heart healthy breakfast.

10.46 am – After these 3 were ready, we began our day by waiting for the tram.

11.10 am – Arrived at the location where

the works of art from Stadel Museum in Germany were making a stopover in Melbourne.

This place was called the National Gallery of Victoria.

Vivian with the HUGE poster of the European Masters behind her.

Names of the artists hung along the huge outer walls of the main entrance

graced by gushing water fountains.

The main entrance of NGV.

The symbol above the entrance.

Giant posters hung around the insides.

Stained glass art at the roof.

Direction pole.

The puzzle house.

The girls.

Alfred Felton was an Australian entrepreneur, art collector and philanthropist who donated ALL his assets to NGV.

We brought out our double ticket bought on Day 6 during our visit to ACMI and

entered the European Masters showroom. I saw both Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces besides many others. Have you seen a Picasso/Van Gogh before? 😈

I also saw lots of antiques from Egypt, China, etc.

01.46 pm – After all the walking looking at paintings, we arrived at St Kilda the beach.

We took a stroll along the many, many restaurants along the stretch and decided on Lilydale’s free range chicken for lunch.

Or is it called Chook Bar’s free range chicken?

Healthy chicken running around the farm without growth hormones and antibiotics.

How the restaurant looks like from the outside.

Collecting our orders.

The full range of their menu.

The set menus.

The vegetables.

The meat.

My selection of half chicken, risotto salad and fries.

Vivian’s quarter chicken set.

Leslie’s set.

After lunch, we started walking towards the beach.

The Street Cafe is a highly rated cafe by Australians.

02.43 pm – Upon arrival at St Kilda beach, I saw tall and short palm trees.



This pathway makes me feel like as if there’s a palace at the other end.

The tree with an angle.

The orange structure outside of

the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

An anchor.

A ship sail.

A colourful bird.

02.58 pm – Continued walking and ended up at St Kilda pier.

10D9N Melbourne Day 7 : Phillip Island, San Remo Bakehouse, Cape Woolamai, A Maze N Things, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, Kristo’s, Fairy Penguins, Penguin Parade, Hungry Jacks


06.17 am – Woke up. Damn early. And started boiling eggs for the rest.

Oats for myself and


09.05 am – We hit the road.

2nd driver of the day.

10.01 am – Stopped right at the border of Phillip Island.

Got out of the car.

Me and Vivian by the bridge connecting San Remo with Phillip Island.



San Remo Bakehouse where we had our breakfast.

I think we were one of the first few customers of the day.

Leslie and Adrian’s breakfast.

Soo Yee’s breakfast.

My apple cream bun and

hot coffee that came with a cookie.



Having fun by the anchor.

Gave away a kiss before crossing the bridge.

11.00 am – Arrived at Cape Woolamai, which was supposed to be a surfer’s paradise.

Parked our car. We were the only ones there that morning.

Walked towards the beach.

The speed of the waters around the area.

View on the left.

View on the right.

The very empty stretch of beach.

Adrian by the beach.

A bear by the beach.



“Hmm… what’s for lunch today?”


11.27 am – Arrived at one of the most interesting places in Phillip Island.

The awesome house of optical illusion called “A Maze ‘N Things”.

I think it would be easier if it was kept simple to just ‘Amazing Things’ instead.

The cafe.

Playing with the mini gold digger by the entrance outside.

After we were done fooling around with the stuff outside, we went in.

Bought our tickets and started our interesting journey in the most interesting building I’ve ever come across in my life.

Optical illusion pictures on the wall.

Even from looking at the picture below, I could feel the circles moving.

Mirror of illusions.

The gravity room.

Built at a 45 degree angle.

The water was flowing out non stop through the sides.

The sliding chair.


The big, medium, small room.

10D9N Melbourne Day 5 : Great Ocean Road, Room Six Cafe Restaurant, Port Campbell Discovery Walk, Grotto, London Arch, Razorback, Muttonbird Island, Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Cave, Twelve Apostles, Crown Towers, Automatic Cafe


06.43 am – Woke up super early today for a long ass drive along Melbourne’s famous Great Ocean Road along the coast.

Managed to catch the last few minutes of the final world cup match between Netherlands and Spain.

Tears of joy from the man of the match who scored the winning goal for Spain.

07.21 am – All packed and ready to go.

07.42 am – Hit the freeway with Melbourne CBD behind us.

The speed limit where you could see almost every car moving at the same speed.

Melbourne authorities take their traffic’s speed limit seriously. If it’s 80 km/h and you drive at 81 km/h, you’re gonna get summoned for sure.

Sunrise behind.

Driving away from the sun.

08.32 am – 1st driver of the very, very long day.

Feels weird driving with a sweater on.

Pictures of the road taken along the way to Port Campbell.

09.02 am – Leslie, the 2nd driver, took over.

09.31 am – Reached Colac.

Our strategy for driving Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road was to start from the end, which is Port Campbell. That way, we’ll be nearer to home when we’re done.

It has been 2 hours.

Spain’s biggest fan sleeping all the way.

Fields of cows.

Without Daniel‘s Garmin Nuvi, this trip wouldn’t be possible. Thanks, dude!

10.33 am – Arrived in Port Campbell.

First thing we did was to fill up the car.

10.42 am – Found Room Six, the highly recommended restaurant in Port Campbell that does breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Parked our car and walked to Room Six.

I thought of sitting outside where the sun was but it was also VERY COLD. Definitely under 10°C

It was still breakfast hour.

Day specials written on the board at the top of the bar counter.

Rows of wine.

The kitchen.

Picture on the wall.


Found ourselves a table.

Sat down and started


First, my hot tea came.

Then Soo Yee’s hot chocolate.

Soo Yee’s Brekkie Special. VERY HUGE.

Then mine came.



The left over chips. I was already crazy full by the time I finished the burger.

Vivian and Leslie were smarter as they shared a plate of pizza.

Even then, they couldn’t finish it. The food portions in Room Six were just awesome.

Daises outside.

Enjoying ourselves.

12.00 pm – Hopped into the car and continued our journey.

10D9N Melbourne Day 3 : Melbourne By Foot, Federation Square, Yarra River, Federation Bells, Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, ACDC Lane, 24 Moons, Banksy, Hosier Lane, Until Never, Brunetti, Centre Place, The Block Arcade, Mitre Tavern, Hook Turn, Sandridge Bridge, Cavallino, Circus OZ, Max Brenner, Suckao


12.05 pm – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast of oats, milk, bananas, orange, watermelon.

01.17 pm – Arrived at ACMI in Federation Square.

Passed by a street performer unpacking his stuff.

Getting ready to perform.

Met up with Dave Carswell, the man behind Melbourne By Foot, in front of 7-Eleven. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who isn’t a Melbournian to please take his tour as Dave gives you invaluable insight about the story behind Melbourne’s significance.

After about 5 minutes of briefing his group of 9,

we began our journey to our first stop.

01.26 pm – Right smack in the middle of Federation Square.

A nice portrait shot of Dave by Leslie.

Even Australians from other states sought his services.

“.. and her breasts were droopy like this..”

We were surrounded by birds,

the entrance to ACMI,

Flinder’s Street Station,

a big projection screen,

I forgot what this was,

kids and

word engravings on the floor.

Dave explaining the meaning of the words.

A scene from the projection screen.

01.34 pm – Next, we walked towards

a nice spot along the Yarra River

before Dave continued with his explanation of the colourful history of the Yarra River.

People canoeing in the river.

Artwork decorating the street.

Street lamps.

Princes Bridge.

01.48 pm – Walked with the crowd attending an Australian Rules Football match in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

While the crowd of fans continued, we stopped by Birrarung Marr’s Federation Bells, an installation comprising 39 upturned bells.

Coincidentally, the Circus Oz tent

was just directly opposite it.

Dave busy relating how the bells ended up here.

With a big ass bell.

Each bell gives out a different sound and

you could actually compose a tune online and compete against others to have yours played.

It sounds something like this.

01.52 pm – Continued our journey across the bridge where

we could see the fans passing by below.

Stopped for a picture.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in the distance.

Flags advertising very famous traveling European paintings in town.

The Ferris Wheel.

St Paul’s Cathedral.

Mercer and AON in the background. AON, an insurance company, is the current principal sponsors of Manchester United.

Walking along the pavement.

The railway crossings merging towards Flinders Street Station.

Reached a corner.

I don’t really understand the ‘END’ sign.

At the cross junction.

Batman Avenue. The Batcave must be underground here somewhere!

Continued walking until we reached a narrow lane between 2 office buildings.

Coloured panels that are strategically placed

to make art out of the sunlight’s coloured reflection.

Looking down.

10D9N Melbourne Day 2 : Temple Court Apartment, Melbourne CBD, Collins St, Yarra Trams, Metlink, Queen Victoria Market, Doughnut Van, Melbourne Museum, IMAX, Titanic Artefact Exhibition, Dinosaurs, Human Evolution Gallery, Wild Animals, Ulla Taylor, State Library Of Victoria, Woolworths, Self Serve Checkout, QV Center, Visitor Information Center, Velvet Fridays Seven, Chilli India


08.51 am – Woke up to a grayish sky for my first morning in Melbourne.

The security system of Temple Court Apartments.

Nestled in between 2 buildings right in the center of Melbourne’s CBD.

A very strategic place to live in if price is not an issue.

I felt so excited when I looked around me and saw Melbourne’s very own buildings.

Melbourne’s branches and leaves.

Melbourne’s flower.

Melbourne’s fire hydrant.

Melbourne’s pigeons.

Di Bella Coffee was just a stone’s throw away from Temple Court’s entrance.

The standing statue opposite of the apartment’s entrance.

These girls couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Hello, sir!

The squatting statue.

Both gracing the front of Suncorp Bank. Both must be friends, I suppose.

Melbourne’s trams.

A newer one.

Noticed a sign at the top which I didn’t understand until later. It’s actually a hook turn sign.

Bicycles for rent by the roadside.

There were actually lots of stations like these situated all over Melbourne’s Central Business District.

You could just take one from anywhere and

put it back anywhere that has an empty parking slot. So cool!

Melbourne superbike parked at the roadside. No EX5 was sighted at all during my trip.

Did you know that you can have whatever 6 combination of alphabets and numbers you want as your number plate as long as it’s available? How cool is that? Mine would read “PAI KIA” 😈

A roadside florist.

Readily made bouquets.

09.24 am – And so after spending about 15 minutes checking out nearby surroundings, we proceeded to the tram stop at the junction of Collins St and Williams St which was just a minute’s walk away.

We saw benches and proceeded

to wait there.

So there we were waiting for a tram to come but only after a tram came, stopped and picked up passengers

only we realized that actually the tram stop was in the middle of the road!

We quickly made our way to the center of the road and waited.

The name of this stop.

The monitor that tells you how much longer you’d have to wait before the next tram arrived.

09.46 am – 10 minutes later,

we were on board our very first Melbourne tram experience. Woo Hoo!!

09.51 am – 5 minutes and a few tram stops after,

we arrived at the very awesome Queen Victoria Market.

There were altogether 12 lanes of general merchandise stalls, and boy were we lost.

All we could see were rows after rows

of shops everywhere.

After some asking around, we proceeded towards the direction of the food court

in search of breakfast.

Passed by livestocks.

And then at the end of the alleyways, we came upon a van selling American Doughnuts.


We couldn’t resist it so we lined up for our very own doughnuts.

There were a total of 4 fellas running around inside

preparing the doughnuts

while the lady who seemed eldest was by the front doing the selling.

We were so happy.

And the line just kept getting longer.

Soon, it was my turn and I ordered 3 doughnuts for the price of

AU$ 2.70 for sharing.

Passed by the very colourful organic produce section towards the food court.

A type of leaf I have never seen before in real life. Only in the movies. What an awesome experience so far! (I think I’m beginning to sound like as if I’m from the stone age)

10.05 am – At last, we arrived.

I’ve been snapping away ever since I woke up.

The two shops nearest to the entrance.

Other shops along the way.

Found out that pide bread is actually a Turkish kind of bread.

Cafe Verona.

Found us a table and waited while the rest ordered their breakfast.

Colourful chairs.

Vivian ordered her breakfast from Pide Bread Bakery.

Vivian’s bacon and tomato filled pide bread.

Vivian’s cappuccino.

And she’s loving it!

Leslie’s vegetable filled wrap.

Leslie’s hot chocolate.

Soo Yee’s mini pancakes.

After everyone had finished buying their breakfasts, it was my turn.

I went into Cafe Verona and saw so many delicious, mouthwatering pastries.

I wanted to buy them all but it hit me that I may come across even more delicious stuff along the way, so it was best to eat minimal, take a walk around first and then come back to the food court if I still wanted the pastries.

So, I just bought myself a cup of cappuccino.


10.49 am – After breakfast, we took a walk in the red meat section.

I was amazed by rows and rows of beef and pork.

We had such a hard time deciding on a stall to buy from.

They all looked almost the same.

The stuff is the same.

And it’s so hard to keep track of the prices at each stall.

In the end, we just decided to get

what we needed from a random stall.

Next up was the poultry section.

Poultry and nothing but poultry.

Again, we just chose a random stall and bought what we needed from it.

Next up was the fish section.

The oysters were so thick and succulent.

Everything looked so fresh.

Bought prawns and

fish fillet from the same stall at the end of the row.

Next up was the delicatessen hall.

The were stalls selling all sorts of delicatessen from

Halg baguettes to

Turkish bread to

thick meaty sausages to

hams to

whatever kind of cheese you can think of; cheddar, sardo, testouri, paneer, sakura, kesong, imsil, etc… you name it. they got it.

This shop sold all sorts of oil and spices and

this one sold nothing but chocolates. I sampled a few and all were MIND BLASTING DELICIOUS!

We stopped by almost every stall and had a chat with the traders.

It took us some time to decide on which to buy.

I lined up and bought us bread, cheese and ham.

Next up, was the fruits and vegetables section.

Again, I was spoilt for choice when I was presented with the choice of fruits and vegetables on display.

All of the vegetables were priced competitively.

The bell peppers were fresh and full of colour and so were the


cauliflower, carrots


bananas, pears and apples.

12.14 pm – Finally, at about an hour later, we were done with our marketing for the entire trip. There was enough food for 7 meals.

10D9N Melbourne Day 1 : Travel 3Sixty, LCCT, McDonald’s, OldTown White Coffee, Eraman Duty Free, AirAsiaX, Airbus A330, AirAsia Comfor Kit, Smokey BBQ Chicken, IndoMie


05.51 am – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast.

Bags packed and ready to go!

06.59 am – Reached Penang International Airport.

Put a luggage through security check.

Checked in and got our tickets.

The Leslie’s girlfriend, Leslie and Vivian.

07.50 am – Waited by the boarding gate.

08.20 am – By this time, we were up in the sky.

Due to watching the World Cup semifinal match between Spain and Germany.

Browsed through AirAsia’s awesome in flight magazine.

09.26 am – We landed.

Walking pass the looooooooooooooooooooong corridors

towards the arrival hall

of the low cost airport.

Took us 4 minutes.

09.43 am – After collecting our luggage (10 minutes),

we went to the always-full restaurant for a meal.

Ordered a McValue Sausage with muffin set.

After I was done with breakfast,

I took the an empty bottle and went to

get it refilled at 1 of 2 water fountains in LCCT.

This one was located opposite Starbucks.

11.03 am – Not long after, this girl arrived.

The 4 fellas traveling to Melbourne (plus me).

11.13 am – Started queuing up.

The yellow sticker was the one from Penang Airport. I only learned that you would have to go through LCCT’s security even though you may have passed the one in Penang.

11.35 am – 20 minutes later,

we arrived at the front.

Got our boarding pass and proceeded to OldTown,

one of my 2 favourite places for a meal in LCCT.

Hungry people.

Vivian searching for her

camera. One thing I liked about this trip was every one of us carried a camera, a total of 4, which was good as no one was left out in pictures. How I wished my circle of friends would carry a camera each time we go on trips. =(

Her meal.

My meal.

Bought boxes of cigarettes from Eraman’s duty free shop at the departure gate for friends in Melbourne.

12.34 pm – The LCD screen outside the departure gate.

Don’t really know what to say.


And so we waited outside till it was time

cause inside was already so damn packed.

01.25 pm – After about 1 hour of waiting, we finally boarded AirAsia’s Airbus A330. During my trips to Bangkok, Bali, Kota Kinabalu, etc, AirAsia only uses the smaller Airbus A320.

This is my first time on an aircraft so wide, by Airasia. It was 9 abreast with 3 at each aisle. The back was more spacious as it was only 7 abreast.

Even the menu was different.

Look at that. Huge variety.

Meals found only in the Airbus A330.

Drinks not found in the Airbus A320.

RM3 for a bottle of mineral water. Later, I found out that the mineral water bought a-la-carte was more in volume compared to the one that comes with the meal.

The snacks set.

Was pretty tempted to try the smoked chicken focaccia but wasn’t sure if it was filling enough.

01.45 pm – We took off.

As soon as the plane stabilized itself in the air, foreigners to Australia were given

the incoming passenger card, just like during Bali 2010, Bangkok 2008 and Bangkok 2009.

After that, the stewardesses started handing out the comfort kit which I bought online at AirAsia.com for RM30.

The Friday I Tried Out Alan Gurney Corner Burger


10.00 am – Had breakfast.

01.00 pm – Went to Mak Long for lunch with buddies. After 5 minutes into our meal, our special guest arrived.

King Scout Ryan Lee 😈

04.30 pm – Had a cup of mixed fruit yoghurt.


05.30 pm – While working on the PC yesterday, I noticed that the processor temperature was hovering around 75°C – 78°C, which was very bad actually. The processor’s heatsink and fan looked as dusty as Cecilia Cheung’s pubic hair.

And so I took it out to clean. What I failed to realize was that the health of the processor was already fragile to begin with, which was one of the main reasons for the poor temperature.

07.00 pm – And then the PC couldn’t start when I assembled it back. And so I went to my sifu in Midlands to have it diagnosed.

True enough, the processor was faulty. Replaced it with a new one.

07.30 pm – Wanted to draw money when I reached Gurney Plaza but then, the ATM machines were nowhere to be seen. Damn you CIMB!

08.00 pm – Had dinner at Gurney’s food court.

The price of a plate of nasi padprik ayam and

a plate of nasi kunyit ayam

now costs a whopping RM11. It used to be RM4.50 each.

08.30 pm – Being the out of control person that I am, I bought a chocolate chip cream bun and

a coconut blueberry bun from bread history. I wanted chicken floss but too bad it was already sold out.

09.00 pm – Watched Chocolate Fury with my buddies. Anthony and I were laughing our asses out as we caught ‘tak logik’ parts throughout the movie.

11.00 pm – Went for a short drinking session

with these fellas.

All night long, Michelle couldn’t stop farting.

01.30 am – Went to Gurney’s roundabout to try out

Alan’s Gurney Corner

Burger. Still, I prefer Jelutong’s post office burger. Their portioning is much more than Alan’s.

02.30 am – zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

The Tuesday Sin Hai Beng Seafood Restaurant Was Closed


09.30 am – Showered. Breakfasted.

10.30 am – Drafted Dos and Donts of Clubbing.

12.30 pm – Lunched.

Bought back a bunch of these.

The usual.

01.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

04.30 pm – Badminton with these fellas at Ramakrishna.

06.00 pm – We were supposed to eat the Tambun-replacement-seafood-restaurant called Sin Hai Beng but it was closed.

There was this Restoran Pen Mutiara which sells curry seafood, but judging by the niceness of the building, I was pretty sure we’d get sliced like mad.

And so we went to this corner coffeeshop in Taman Iping to eat cook-fry instead.

Ate with some new and

old fellas. Note John’s new haircut.

08.30 pm – Balikz. Showered.

09.30 pm – Raffee-ed with me hungry mate.

10.30 pm – Lepak-ed in me room.

11.30 pm – Found out that malaysia-today is now blocked. I had to use an internet proxy to enter the site. Found out that MCMC was behind the move.

12.00 am – Ganja-ed with me pal.

Beraturing at Nasi Beratur.


This fella was in a political mood throughout the night. Kept talking bout Anwar, Anwar..

And then a fatass accidentally spilled a bull load of curry, right in front of me! MCB!! Drops of curry hit the left side of my hair, face, tangan, kaki, selipar. And I just showered like half an hour ago. Sigh.

02.00 am – Surfed around.

02.30 am – zzzZZZZzzzzzz