6D5N Vietnam Day 4 : Hanoi Charming Hotel, Pho, Halong Bay, 1 Day Tour, Junk Boat, Kayak, Dong Thien Cung, Broken Driveshaft, Ly Beo, Pho Bo, Hang Dao Dong Xuan Night Market, Hoan Kiem Lake, Huc Bridge

07.10 – The dining area that can fit only 12 at a time.

There were 3 type of breakfast sets to choose from. Being in Vietnam and not eating Vietnamese just doesn’t feel right.

Still sleepy V.

Took a name card from the reception. I find it very important to have the hotel’s name card with you all the time.

A hot cup of coffee.

A glass of lime juice.

The super awesome authentic original Vietnamese pho!

A banana for dessert.

My birthday dessert! (Today is Vivian’s birthday. 6D5N Vietnam is actually her gift.)

08.17 am – Mai, our tour guide of the day, came to the lobby to bring us to

the van.

Passed by Hoan Kiem Lake, residence of the famed 1000 year old turtle.

How the van looks like.

After going to several other hotels to pick up passengers, we started our journey towards Halong Bay.

10.46 am – Stopped by a statue factory.

I guess here’s where tours to Halong Bay usually stop by.

Out of courtesy, I still walked through the place but quickly, and found the kitchen!

The Vietnamese curly noodles were excellent!!

12.41 pm – At last, after 4 long hours, we arrived at the front entrance of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

We already have a boat waiting for us so we just walked right to it.

Hundreds of junk boats!

Our junk boat for the day, Ha Long 08.

12.54 pm – Left the pier and proceeded towards

the beautiful limestone karsts by the sea.

And then I became captain.

Passed by another junk boat.

It was sooooooooo cold. Imagine being blown by 9 degree celsius wind.

And then we got nearer and nearer to the cluster of limestone karsts.

The rock fishermen go to pray for a good day’s catch before heading out to sea.

01.26 pm – And then we arrived at the floating farms.