The Tuesday I Went To Head Lines Studio Penang


11.00 am – Woke up. Showered.

Wanted to get a haircut. Thought of Joey’s Head Lines Studio. Decided to drop by after lunch.

12.00 pm – Lunched at the cheapest + delicious economy rice shop in Genting, Penang.

At exactly RM4.50, you get meat, fish, 2 bendis and extra vegetables.

Chris *hearts* Penang.

01.00 pm – Went for a haircut in the much anticipated Head Lines Studio.

Joey, I have to admit. Your studio looks so cool! So modern!

The start. Having fun getting a wash first. Enjoyed getting my head massaged. Song nia~

The end. I like your studio. Because. I feel. 2X more hensem. 😈

Here’s a better look at Joey’s hasil kerja. Pai Kia macam. But. I like it! 😈

02.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

03.30 pm – Siesta time!

04.30 pm – Continued updating famouschris.

05.30 pm – Bazaar Ramadhan Gelugor!

Picked the guys up from Shawn’s house, parked nearby and started walking towards the bazaar.

Look at the crowd man.

We bought lots of Muslim popiahs,

ayam perciks and

fruit juices. The honeydew kicks ass!

Enough to feed 10 Somalia families.

07.30 pm – Watched a bit of AFC, HBO.

08.00 pm – Watched Love Guru. Still, Zohan was better. Much. (And that’s my wifey on the left)

FC Rating : 5/10

10.00 pm – Surfed around.

11.00 am – Went to Nasi Tembok with monster#2.

I tried to tahan but in the end, cannot. Andy, next time if my stomach’s full, you gotta go alone.

01.00 am – zzZZZZZzzzz

The Merdeka Sunday I Partied For The 3rd Night In A Row


01.30 pm – Lunched with this fella.

You like you’re singing a song.

Had Bangkok pork leg rice.

02.30 pm – Hung around my room.

04.00 pm – Starbucks, E-Gate.

Brew of the day.

Found a set of keys in Geoffrey’s car. We suspect they belong to a girl’s 👿

07.00 pm – Thong Lek Bah Kut Teh!!


08.30 pm – Hung around my room.

12.00 am – QEII. Damn. Third night in a row @[email protected]

We had fun playing around with Vinny’s spectacles.

Especially this fella and

this fella. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Looking reddish, Sabby.

Jason, Jolene, Joey, Me. Joey took me by surprise when she told me that she has her very own hair saloon called, Hair Line Studios.

Justina, you’re the prettiest mum I have ever seen so far.

~fuh Model material ni, but

I still prefer your without-glasses look.

03.30 am – Went to Nasi Tembok and decided to leave for Raffee with some as we had to wait in line behind twenty over people.