5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 4 : New Man Tai, Suria Sabah, Jesselton Point, Manukan, Pasar Kraftangan, Firefly Bar And Grill, Whiteroom Bar Club Lounge


11.09 am – Woke up and got ready for a long day.

The pictures above and below would look more complete, but too bad my pair was in China.

Walking towards

the nearby restaurant recommended by Rosanne and Ling Ling.

Was pretty tired.

Had vegetables,



roasted chicken and

a big bowl of bitter gourd soup.

What a huge lunch that was!

12.28 pm – These 2 from Kampung Tan Sai Gin and Kampung Bayan Lepas were busy snapping away.

From the camera above.

Let’s take turns.

From the camera above.

12.28 pm – Walked along Suria Sabah. Didn’t get the chance to go in as we were short for time.

The buildings along the way.

Eden 54 is actually very near the entrance of Suria Sabah, just somewhere along HSBC. About 2 minute’s walk away.

12.40 pm – Reached Jesselton Point 10 minutes later.

Simply chose a counter and inquired about the trip packages to Manukan Island.

Counter No.9 is crap.

We didn’t realize until after as we were happily conned by them.

The tickets.

Choosing their scuba fins.

It was a damn bloody hot day, so I chose not to join them in the sea.

Waiting for our Aparu boat. We actually were left behind and forgotten by the people who were supposed to notify us.

And we were left waiting for half an hour before they took us to Manukan on our 3rd reminder. Aparu buat?!?

Sapi Island. All of the islands were almost the same so we just settled for one.

The journey to the islands actually reminded me of my Langkawi trip.

5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 1 : AirAsia, LCCT-KLIA, Oldtown, Eden54, Cock And Bull, Jesselton Point, Suria Sabah, Tong’s, Kinabalu Park, Grace Hostel


04.43 am – Woke up to a box of milk and

red dragon fruit.

05.48 am – Arrived at Penang International Airport with John.

Checking in our luggage.


Got our boarding pass and proceeded to

Gate 14.

Put our bags down and

proceeded to wait.

It was only 6.30am.

By 6.55am we were already up in the plane.

07.10 am – Our plane took off on time. Well done!

The excited 7 year old kid taking pics of the clouds below.

08.00 am – Arrived at LCCT-KLIA.

Began the long journey to

the arrival hall.

The map of where we were.

Our plane from the side.

The excited 7 year old taking pics in front of the entrance.

Reporting back to Butterworth while waiting for our luggage.

08.10 am – Collected our luggage and proceeded to wait for Geoffrey to arrive so that we can combine our luggage.

08.25 am – Started making space in the check in luggage for Geoffrey.

5 minutes later.

Another 10 minutes later.

As soon as we were done we checked in our luggage.

Geoffrey’s additional 2.3 kg worth of clothes.

Collected our boarding pass and

08.40 am – proceeded to OldTown for breakfast. Note to self : Never wear pyjamas traveling in future.


Took us 7 minutes to get a table and order our food.

Coffee and

curry mee for me.

09.34 am – Walked to our Lat themed plane.


10.23 am – Mount Kinabalu, here we come.

After a while, Geoffrey was silently reading the newspaper.

John was silently playing his PSP.

But not for long.

The clouds below us.


12.10 pm – Lunch was served.

The chicken rice is one of the only nicest and edible meal in AirAsia’s menu. Others like the briyani and Pak Nassir’s nasi lemak may look nice but is crap and bullshit.

The cup of water that came with the online pre-ordered meal.

Geoffrey and John with their chicken rice.

12.40 pm – Well, hello KK!

Proceeded towards the domestic arrival hall.

Actually, if you are from West Malaysia, you’d still have to go through the same entrance as the international passengers.

Compulsory immigration checks.

For West Malaysians entering Sabah / Sarawak, the identification card is enough.

After that, you’ll get this of paper which is called a social pass. I lost this on the last day and almost missed my flight!

Waiting for our luggage.