5D4N Philippines Day 3 : Kuwagos Grill, Adobong Kangkung, Tilapiasilog, SM Mall Of Asia, Intramuros, Mexicali, Resorts World Manila, Republiq, Stackers Burger Cafe, Batchoy Nissin Cup Noodles


10.10 am – Woke up and discovered my roomie still being a log.

So I took the lift and

went out in search of breakfast.

Thanks to the guy who directed the place to me, I found Kuwagos Grill.

A 2 storey 24 hour restaurant that serves the cheapest beers around at PHP110 / RM8 per 3 bottles.

The menu.

5 minutes later, my coffee came.

I like how my milk and sugar came in shot glasses.

The view from the second floor.

10.36 pm – Tilapiasilog with

adobong kangkung. Breakfast was delicious!

12.43 pm – These 3 fellas were the next to wake up while the rest was still sleeping.

And so I brought them to Kuwagos Grill and

they loved it too!

02.45 pm – The 4 of us moved into separate rooms as there were double bookings to our Executive Double Suites.

This ENTIRE ROOM was mine!

All to myself.

The shower.

The seating area.

The kitchen.

The fridge.

The red horse beer that was confiscated from me by immigration during the last day.

The view.

03.47 pm – The first 4 went into Taxi 1 and began their journey 5 minutes ahead of us.

We were about 5 minutes behind but still, both Taxi 1 and taxi 2 experienced rain as we were about to reach the historical site of Fort Santiago in Intramuros. =(

It rained really, really heavily so those in taxi 2 decided to turn around

and instead head towards

SM Mall of Asia which is the

4th largest shopping mall in the world!

Meanwhile, Taxi 1 already went down in Fort Santiago and was stuck in the rain with no other taxi in sight.

So, they stood around and

took pictures of the surrounding area of Fort Santiago

in the heavy rain.

5D4N Philippines Day 2 : Filipino Breakfast, Tocino, Dau Bus Station, Victory Liner, Cubao, Manong Pepe, Isabelle Royale Hotel And Suites, ISA Building, P Burgos St, Balut, Friends And Neighbours Restaurant, Encore, Bangus Sisig Siopao


09.32 am – I don’t know why but I usually sleep very little when on holidays so I woke up when everyone else was sleeping and found my way to the cafeteria.

A breakfast menu! Great!

Coffee’s good!

My first Filipino breakfast experience. Garlic fried rice with eggs and tocino.

A cuppa joe

by the pool.

Thank you Carol for your nail clippers.

Otherwise I’d be having a hard time with my fingernails.

10.54 am – Everyone was still sleeping.

So I spent some time myself and

managed to finish up a chapter before

fatty came in and played with my tv.

12.35 pm – Checked out of DM Residente and continued our journey to Makati City.

Reached Dau express bus station of Angeles City.

Boarded the highly recommended Victory Liner.

12.52 pm – We were on our way.

Another Victory Liner bus ahead of us.

The cost of the bus ride from Dau to Cubao in Makati City is only PHP 123 / MYR 9. If we had taken a private van, it would’ve cost us PHP 5000!

01.40 pm – Somewhere along our 1.5 hour journey,

it rained pretty heavily.

02.15 pm – We knew we were in the city when we saw the massive amount of traffic along the roads.

02.26 pm – Stood around Victory Liner’s Cubao station waiting for Andy to finish shitting.

02.31 pm – 5 minutes later, we were on our way.

The pavement of the city reminded me of Bangkok yet again.

The sight of people lying by the roadside and sitting in a lazy chair under a staircase is so Bangkok.

Spotted the highly recommended

Manong Pepe’s along the way to Cubao MRT.

Went in and lined up.

The pictures of the food on the wall

looked delicious!

I didn’t get the opportunity to try it all. =(

So cheap.

My meal of the day.

03.15 pm – Continued our journey to the Cubao MRT which was situated about 10 minutes walk

away from Victory Liner’s bus station.

The view from the top.

Was shocked to see so many people lining up to buy tickets as the ticket dispensing machines were down.

Inside the super crowded MRT.

03.47 pm – Reached Makati City’s MRT stop and took a jeepney from there to our hotel in P. Burgos Street.

03.59 pm – Ladies and gentlemen, Isabelle Royale Hotel.

The view from my room.

John’s bed was on the ground floor while I took the top.

He had the tv all to himself.